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"Sexual harassment is not limited only to parties"



Can contemplates including in the Cinema Law “more prevention” to avoid cases of sexual assault such as the one that occurred at the recent Feroz Awards, as the spokesperson for the Culture Commission of En Comú Podem, Mar García Puig, has advanced to Europa Press.

“We are going to talk about it with the Ministry of Culture and with the Socialist Group and we will see, now that the subject of the Cinema Law is underway, if maybe putting more prevention on this issue could be a good idea“, explained the deputy of the purple formation.

García Puig believes that These types of legislative initiatives could have more impact “beyond other specific decisions that often do not make it out of Parliament”, he stated after highlighting the importance of implementing “transversal measures” for the sector.

“For example, a well-established protocol for various sectors seems to me a good idea, but not enough. It would also be nice if in There would be a place to go to these types of parties, but I think that what we have to do is do a more transversal work for the entire sector“, has added.

It doesn’t just happen at movie parties

García Puig has indicated that since its formation “a lot of emphasis” is being placed on the Equality Observatory, which he considers “should have a more leading role”. In addition, he recalls that in terms of sexual assault, it is not something that “only occurs at movie parties.”

“A protocol for parties is very suitable and we think it is good news, but what has happened in the Feroz does not stop being a reflection of something that happens in general: the subject of sexual harassment is in the cinema, in the theater and is not limited only to parties”, he concluded, after call for “more awareness”.

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The Film Academy recently announced that is working on an anti-harassment protocol for the next 2023 Goya Awards gala which will take place on Saturday, February 11 in Seville, after the incidents that occurred at the Feroz Awards, sources from the institution confirmed to Europa Press.

This forecast was already advanced by the member of the CIMA board of directors, Virginia Yagüe, who in statements to Europa Press explained that, in addition to its own association, the Film Academy was going to discuss this possibility in a future meeting because “Failure is important” by the institutions.

On January 29, it was known that the producer Javier Pérez Santana was arrested as the alleged perpetrator of sexual assaults on the actress Jedet at the party after the Feroz 2023 awards gala, in addition to investigating a second man for his possible participation.

They were not the only public complaints of attacks at this event. Thus, later, several of the invited attendees denounced having suffered “harassment” by Javier Pérez Santana, released hours after his arrest.