Seven female travelers who prove that you can travel the world alone


“A woman alone cannot complete a trip around the world in less than 80 days, that is science fiction, and a woman will never be able to make a trip like that.” without the protection of a man”. And Nellie Bly said, “grab me the tea and the pastries,” showing the world that a woman can do many things alone, without the protection of anyone but herself.

130 years after Elizabeth Jane Cochran, aka Nellie Bly, became one of the first traveling heroines to break away from the stereotypes of her time, there are thousands of women who travel alone. And a handful of them tell it on their blogs, websites and social networks. Because yes, it is possible travel alone and turn this passion into a job and a way of life.

Living the Georgia life

Georgia – Source: Unsplash

Funny He barely remembers when he first arrived in Morocco, but it changed his life: that bus trip from Valencia was his first contact with adventure. Then France, Turkey, Belgium, Eastern Europe, New Zealand and so on up to 65 countries would arrive.

And one day Gracia arrived in Georgia. And by the work and grace of Covid that left her confined in the country when her plan was to take a train trip through old Europe, showed her the beauty and mystery of one of the least “discovered” countries on the continent. And so it comes Alonea book about his adventure in Georgia, as well as a Web about your experience.

Wild road

Julia He went to live in Switzerland in 2013 and, with what he saved, he bought a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires, spending more than a year traveling through Latin America in hitch-hiking, the dream of many travelers: a trip without a return ticket and of indefinite duration, to the point that one stops being “on a trip” and nomadism becomes a way of life. But time passes and life gives you other gifts. And Asia and April, her two daughters, arrived. But the journey does not stop. Now they all travel together and they tell it in their Web.

Ali’s travels

Could you place on the map Kyrgyzstan? Well, Alicia Ortego not only knows exactly where she is, but in one of the last entries of her Blog He tells us about his adventures through this mysterious country in Central Asia whose history was marked for centuries by travelers on the Silk Road.

Freelance qualitative market research technician and content creator in the travel sector, Alicia Ortego is passionate about travel, especially those that have taken her to Africaincluding Chad, Togo, Burkina Faso or Benin.

One way

The name of their website and its story are not the most original in the world, proof that we are no longer in Nellie Bly’s time: “With effort and a lot of desire, the madness you have always dreamed of can come true.” So one day Claudia He decided that the time had come to fulfill that dream, because too soon in life is too late, as the poet said.

On June 4, 2014, Claudia followed in the footsteps of Tintin and Indiana Joneshe left his job and his life in Madrid and headed to Bangkok because it was the cheapest flight at that time. And until today.

Nomadic Girl

Gloria remembers sitting for hours looking at a book about the different countries in the world, learning every flag, capital and characteristics of the most distant countries. Like you and me, right? Maybe it’s something in the genes, she thinks. Gloryfrom DRD4 that defines the syndrome wanderlust.

But this Chilean decided not to spend much longer reflecting on genetics and got moving until her first trip to Europe arrived. But Gloria does not travel to escape from anything: “I love my family, my friends, my country.” Because travel makes you love everything even moreif it fits.

The cosmomoth

At the age of ten, the Three Wise Men gave him an atlas. What if they aren’t going to give away some guys who traveled thousands of kilometers following a star! And so this girl began to slide her finger on cities, countries, rivers and mountains. She sounds familiar to you, right?

And the infantile drive It became an uncontrollable fever when the first trips to European cities began until his first travel blog arrived in 2013, which was followed by The cosmomotha classic of the travel blogosphere.

traveling around

And we end this selection of female travelers with an example that the trip can also come to an end. Argentina Aniko Villalba He started his odyssey in 2008 and until a decade later she lived traveling, visiting up to 50 countries alone and sharing her experience. But one day, Aniko arrived in Amsterdam and stopped to do other things.

And living traveling, whether alone or accompanied, is very demanding (both psychologically, physically and economically). You also have to know how to stop if the body (or whatever) asks you to. And Aniko stopped traveling, but not living or creating.

The pioneers

Nellie Bly
Nellie Bly

Being a woman and traveling alone, as we see, is an increasingly common experience, but there was a time when it was quite a social challenge, a revolutionary act which required large doses of rebellion. Women like the journalist Eliza Scidmore, like Lady Hester Stanhope, that woman who could reign, or the pilots Amelia Earhart or Bessie Coleman were those pioneers who preferred to look at the horizon and not the ground they walked on.