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"Seth Rollins and I control the business"

Becky Lynch speaks after her victory in NXT.

Last night, Becky Lynch marked a milestone by winning her last remaining title in the company, defeating Tiffany Stratton to become the NXT Women’s Champion. Following this achievement, Lynch wasted no time in sharing her thoughts on her important victory.

In a post-match conversation, Becky stated that the NXT Women’s Championship has been one of her main goals for the last decade and that she has finally managed to achieve it. Additionally, she highlighted that she and Seth Rollins, her partner outside the ring and current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, are currently the ones who dominate the business.

Sounds great, right? The Grand Slam Man, here we come. Becky Balboa, we did it. My God. This is wild. NXT Women’s Champion has been on my goal list for the last ten, maybe eleven years. It’s one of those things where you think, ‘Okay, well, I’m not in NXT, maybe it’s never going to happen.’ Then Tiffany had to open her mouth too much, and here we are. I can’t say that anything is possible. A family full of champions. Seth Rollins and me. We are both champions. Look at us, controlling the business.

Following this significant win, Becky Lynch is expected to split her time between NXT and Raw. It remains to be seen if Tiffany Stratton will have a rematch or if she will be another superstar who challenges for the NXT Women’s Championship.

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