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Frame from 'The prize of your life', from Apple TV +, among the series premieres of March

The movie and series premieres They have not been the only novelties in February. The month has been full of news that directly affects the audiovisual sector. To the ban of shared accounts by Netflix the Goya Awardswhere did it come out victorious ‘As Bestas’ and the Baftawhere ‘All quiet on the front’ swept and Cate Blanchett won the golden mask for best leading actress. This could mark the next edition of the most coveted awards, the oscarswhich will be held next March 12 and they will reveal all the unknowns.

The controversy was served at the beginning of February, Netflix sowed chaos among users when deciding, in an iron manner, that will no longer allow subscribers to share their accounts because, according to the audiovisual giant, this is taking away potential clients. But, with the blow on the table of the Los Gatos (California) company, a multitude of doubts arose: whether or not it compensates for the new platform plan or if you can watch travel series and movies.

[Todas las claves sobre las cuentas compartidas en Netflix]

In addition, the Film Academy has awarded nine ‘cabezones’ to ‘As Bestas’, among them those for best film, best direction for Rodrigo Sorogoyen, best original script and best leading and supporting actors. In the case of the British awards, ‘No news at the front’ It won, among others, the award for best film, best foreign language film and best adapted screenplay. Now, we will have to wait until March 12 to find out what finally happens in the most relevant awards of the seventh art.

Best series premieres in March

for now, it arrives Marchand with him, series premieres and new seasons in Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+, and SkyShowtime.

‘Bose’: March 3

A few days ago it was made public, the new platform SkyShowtime would arrive in Spain on February 28but it will not be until this month of March when one of the most anticipated series premieres, ‘Bosé’an intimate biographical story starring José Pastor and Iván Sánchez about the intense and dramatic life of the singer and composer Miguel Bose.

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‘Il grande Gioco’: March 3

Also on Skyshowtime you can see ‘Il grande Gioco‘, a Sky original series about the biggest football agent in Italy. Handsome, wealthy and at the height of his career in a controversial industry, Corso Manni had the world at his feet. However, suffers a total discredit by a financial scandal and, without preamble, he is excluded from all that he had achieved.

‘Everybody Loves Daisy Jones’: March 3

Based on the ‘New York Times’ bestselling novel, it follows the story of the iconic band from the 70s led by the charismatic but clashing lead singers, Daisy Jones and Billy Dunne. United by a personal and artistic chemistry, their complicated artistic relationship catapulted the band from obscurity to incredible fame. After a sold-out concert at Soldier Field in Chicago, they stopped singing. Now, decades later, the band members agree to reveal the truth. This is the story of how an iconic band iIt exploded when they were at the peak of their musical career.

‘Nacho’: March 5

Martín Rivas gives life to another well-known face in Spain, that of Nacho Vidal. The new fiction of Atresplayer Premium follows the beginnings of the famous adult film actor and delves into the birth of this controversial and multi-billion dollar industry.

‘The cry of the butterflies’: March 8

Disney+ premieres ‘The cry of the butterflies’a historical drama inspired by true events which tells the story of the Dominican lawyer and activist Minerva Mirabal, assassinated together with her sisters by order of the dictator Rafael Trujillo in 1960. The sisters became a symbol of the fight against sexist violence. The series stars Sandy Hernández, Susana Abaitua and Belén Rueda.

‘The Envoys’: March 10

the envoys‘ is also one of SkyShowtime’s bets and counts the mission of two priests of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints (the Vatican team responsible for verifying and studying miracles from potential saints). When these are sent to Mexico for verify supposed miraculous healings by another cleric known for carrying them out in a psychiatric institution, they receive word that the priest they are looking for has disappeared without a trace. Their lives and their faith are put to the test when they discover a psychiatric colony located on the outskirts that seems to hide more than one secret. The cast has Luis Gerardo Mendez, Miguel Angel Silvestre, Irene Azuela and Miguel Rodarte.

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‘The fifth day’: March 13

the thriller of eight episodes ‘The fifth day’ (‘The Swarm’, in original version), which has had its preview at the Berlin International Film Festival and can be seen on Movistar+, chronicles humanity’s fight against an intelligent marine organism that is rebelling to guarantee the survival of its environment. When reckless treatment of the oceans threatens its natural habitat, it strikes back. In a very short time, the fate of the planet is left in the hands of a small group of scientists..

‘A Challenging Future’: March 17

Meryl Streep, Sienna Miller, Kit Harington, Daveed Diggs, Edward Norton…these are just some of the faces that star in’A challenging future‘, the new fiction of AppleTV + that narrates the chaotic effects of climate change through eight stories interconnected counted for three decades.

‘Up to the sky’: March 17

You can see it on NetflixUp to Heaven: The Series‘. A call in the middle of the night will change Sole’s fate: her husband and leader of a gang of aluniceros, has died. Turned overnight into a young widow with a dependent son and many troubled businesses, she is not willing to depend on her father, a stolen goods dealer. So, decides to look for life with her late husband’s gang of starfish.

‘The prize of your life’: March 29

On Apple TV + you can also see ‘The prize of your life‘, which tells how a small town changes forever when a mysterious machine appears in a supermarket that promises to reveal the vocation of each inhabitant. Immediately the neighbors begin to change jobs, to rethink their relationships and to question deep-rooted beliefs.

Frame from ‘The prize of your life’, from Apple TV +, among the series premieres of March

‘Patent’: March 29

Relationship‘ is an original series and adaptation of the novel of the same name by Octavia E Butler which will be seen at the end of March on Disney +. The story centers on Dana James, a young black aspiring writer who changes her life, determined to fight for her future. However, she finds herself violently pulled back and forth in time. Appears in a 19th century plantation, a place closely associated with Dana and her family.and the clock is ticking as he faces the secrets he never knew.

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‘The power’: March 31

Prime Video Debuts This Month’The power‘, a thriller based on the novel by Naomi Alderman. Without prior notice, Teenagers develop the power to electrocute people at will. The fiction presents a cast of extraordinary characters from London to Seattle and from Nigeria to Eastern Europe, as it evolves from a tickle in their collarbones to a complete alteration of the mood. balance of power in the world.

‘Without tracks’: March

Another of the most anticipated series is coming to Amazon this month, ‘no footprints‘, starring the Goya-winning Spanish actress Carolina Yuste and the mexican Camila Sodi. Both they find a dead body in the mansion they just cleaned. Wait a minute, a gypsy and a Mexican immigrant have cleaned up a crime scene? Unfortunately, they are the perfect culprits. Now they have to escape from the police, but also from some Russian hitmen, a family of millionaires…

New series seasons

In addition to these series, you can see this month the second season of the recently awarded with several Emmys and recently with the Golden Globe for best comedy series ‘Abbott College‘ (Disney+) the March 1st; the third of the critically acclaimed and final Emmy-winning comedy, the Apple TV+ story ‘ted lasso‘, the day fifteen; the fourth installment of the latest Emmy-winning drama series, ‘succession‘, the next March 27th; as well as the third season of the 2020 Television Academy Award-winning ‘The Mandalorian‘.

Movie releases on the platforms

In terms of cinema, the films ‘Dune’ and ‘Bullet Train’ are added to the Movistar+ catalogue, and ‘The Boston Strangler’ premieres on Disney+, a true crime thriller starring Keira Knightley.

Movie releases on streaming platforms

  • It’s you‘: March 3 (Netflix).
  • Bullet Train‘: March 3 (Movistar +).
  • menu‘: March 5 (Movistar +).
  • Luther‘: March 10 (Netflix).
  • Deep Down: The Story of Pornhub‘: March 15 (Netflix).
  • Dune‘: March 17 (Movistar +).
  • The Boston Strangler‘: March 17 (Disney+).
  • the forgiven‘: March 18 (Movistar+).
  • Beast‘: March 24 (Movistar +).
  • perfect addiction‘: March 24 (Amazon Prime Video).
  • suro‘: March 26 (Movistar +).