Sergio Agüero minimizes Cristiano Ronaldo’s goals against Lionel Messi’s: “Leo’s are all at the corner” | The USA Print

The former Argentine player assured that what Messi does is 'impossible'.

The former Argentine player assured that what Messi does is ‘impossible’.

Photo: Alex Caparros/Getty Images

The former soccer player and star of the Argentine national team, Sergio ‘Kun’ Agüero recently participated in a streaming with the Spanish content creator Ibai Llanoswho posted a video of some of Cristiano Ronaldo’s most important goals to see his reaction to the Argentine being a great friend of Lionel Messi.

during these pictures the iconic Manchester City forward launched strong comments against the definitions of the Al-Nassr attacker and assured that those of ‘La Pulga’ are much better because they have a higher level of difficulty that shows which of the two is the better player.

Llanos reacted euphorically to each of the shots, Chilean kicks and free kicks from the Portuguese striker. However, Kun Agüero was silent and judging each of the actions of the former Real Madrid attacker.

Well, look where he scores the goal. Come on. All free kick and fart goals. Messi’s are all at the stupid angle. But… what does the archer do? Goalkeeper’s fault. I think Raúl has better goals, Benzema I think he has better ones, ”said the Argentine.

That’s it. How many free kick goals went by? Of the best 20 goals, 15 were free kicks. Messi’s best 20 goals, 15 were dribbling to five”, he added.

This fact caused Ibai Llanos to ask Kun if he considered Lionel Messi to be a better footballer than Cristiano Ronaldo, to which he clearly responded assertively, alleging that Messi’s actions cannot be matched by anyone today.

Surely, what are you talking about? Cristiano is good but what Messi does is impossible for Cristiano to do”Agüero said when asked by Llanos.

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