Serbia - Switzerland: World Cup in Qatar 2022, live |  Serbia and Switzerland tie at halftime with a recital of goals |  World Cup Qatar 2022

Football Global Cup

Serbia-Switzerland, the birthday party of the Balkan warfare within the Global Cup

There are nonetheless video games to be held within the Global Cup with political derivatives. The decisive Serbia-Switzerland this Friday (8:00 p.m.), which closes crew G, bleeds from the wound of the Balkan struggle. It was once already performed within the first segment of Russia 2018, and left numerous warfare and controversy. Now, Qatar is going through those two groups once more and the noise began a couple of days in the past.

The whole thing exploded in Kaliningrad, on the Area Baltika, 4 years in the past. Mitrovic put the Serbs forward early, and Xhaka and Shaqiri got here again from cut-off date for the Swiss (1-2). The celebrations of each have been fairly a political manifestation. The 2 made the gesture of the eagle, image of the Albanian flag, with their palms. In Kosovo, a former Serbian province that declared itself unbiased in 2008 (part the UN international locations have identified it, now not Spain), nearly all of population are ethnic Albanians. The element infuriated the squad and the Serbian government, and made Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, explode with pleasure, the place they have been regarded as heroes.

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