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Cadena SER is renewed for the summer. Premiere programs and replacement voices leading the station’s great flagships will accompany listeners throughout July and August. SER maintains its commitment to variety, originality and quality of content and voices with a program that can be heard live and on demand on SER Podcast.

The first premiere was Serendipities, a format that started on Saturday 18 with Ignacio Crespo, doctor and science communicator, at the helm. The objective of the program is to share the power and scope of science to understand how it affects society through great experts who will talk about topics such as gene editing, space law, climate change, neuroscience or inventions that changed the history. It will debut on June 25 Something happensa 30-minute documentary program with Ricard Ustrell that will take its listeners to different places (a hermitage, a soccer field, a submarine…) to discover surprising stories.

Another novelty is brought by Nieves Goicoechea and Jaime García Cantero, who will be in charge of Retina in the BE, also premiering on June 25. Technology, digital transformation, innovation and its impact on society will be the leading topics. Marta Nebot will direct and present Dgenerations, which starts on June 26. In it, the journalist will investigate what it is like to be a child, adolescent, young, mature and elderly in Spain to show the changes in society in recent decades.

On July 16 it will be the turn of the side car, an interview program with Sergio Castro and Pepe Rubio in which the protagonist cedes his fame or relevance to someone from his environment whom he considers really important. And on July 17 it will begin Conversations between a Sapiens and a Neanderthal, which includes talks between Juan José Millás and Juan Luis Arsuaga moderated by Javier del Pino. With humor and knowledge, the writer and paleontologist reflect on their vision of the world and delve into life. To all of them will be added Oh bells, the podcast of copla by Lidia García, who arrives this summer at SER with her stories of copla, cuplé and zarzuela.

The summer will also be reflected in the form of a relay in the voices of the station’s main programs. As of July 18, José Luis Sastre will be in charge of Day by day. Marta del Vado will take over from Carles Francino in Window. Marina Fernandez will lead hour 25 and Lourdes Lancho will do it with To live that is two days. hour 14 will be presented by Antonio Martín and Yago de Vega and Álvaro Benito will lead the The spar. In August, Aida Bao will present the weekend news, Adriana Mourelos will direct The lighthouse and Juan López will be in charge of If it dawns we go.

In addition, Cadena SER continues in the summer with its commitment to culture, radio documentaries, history, society and humour. Culture will be represented by the new releases of the song collectorwith Iñaki de la Torre; sound sofa, with Alfonso Cardenal; One book one hour with Antonio Martínez Asensio; The cinema in the SERwith Elio Castro and It happened one night with Anthony Martinez. The history programs will have three representatives, with history on the road with David Botello and Esther Sánchez; Women with boots on, with Ángeles Caso; Y Any time past was beforefrom Nieves Concostrina. Sonia Ballesteros directs the documentary program I was there, and Ángeles Oliva and Toña Medina are in charge of From the beginning. Also, come back Back roadswith Bru Rovira and Valentina Rojo and narration by Javier del Pino. Vanishing Point, by Pablo Morá, will look at the most disadvantaged, and Mariola Cubells, in And you… what are you looking at? brings audiovisual trends. As for humor, it will be well represented by the best comedians. nobody knows anything, by Andreu Buenafuente and Berto Romero, is not resting this summer and will have new episodes. Juan Carlos Ortega will continue to lead Ortega’s nights Y goodism good continues with Manuel Burque, Quique Peinado and Henar Álvarez. In addition, two specials will complete the comedy program: Special Specialistswith the best gags of the Secondary Specialists season, and special UVI, with the funniest blunders of the season, with Isaías Lafuente in four special installments.


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