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Carlo Ancelotti during the press conference this Tuesday before facing Manchester City.

Carlo Ancelotti during the press conference this Tuesday before facing Manchester City.

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The DT of Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, gave some controversial statements in which he assured that this Wednesday It will be the “day of concern” for the confrontation against Manchester City for the return of the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League.

At a press conference prior to the commitment, Ancelotti said that the concentration has been “very calm and with faith”, but that does not mean that they will not suffer against Manchester City.

“It is a game that asks a lot. I think we can do better than what we did in the first leg. Today I am very calm, with a lot of faith, tomorrow I know myself very well, the day of worry will be bad thinking, that Haaland will mark you, that De Bruyne will mark you from outside“said the coach.

In addition, he also added that to win they will not only need to be the best team but also other characteristics that they hope to show on Wednesday.

“Courage and personality are important in these matches, because the pressure is very high. Even if you are the best team in the world, you may not win, because here it is not only quality that counts, but also character, personality”, he added.

He also spoke about the players who are called to be protagonists at Real Madrid and how that could make a difference on the scoreboard.

You have to think that Vinícius is going to make you a good dribble, that Benzema is going to be ready in the area. You have to be positive, not negative. For a club like Madrid it is quite normal, but it is not so easy to get here”, Ancelotti said at a press conference.

Lastly, he spoke about what it has been like for him to lead Real Madrid and what the challenges he has faced in the four seasons in charge of the team have been.

“This is the fourth year in this club and I can say that I have enjoyed it, I enjoy it every day. Train this club, these players. We are close to doing something important, like last year. There is very little left and we are very motivated. We take into account that it is very complicated. Difficulties help us bring out the best in us.”

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