Saw X: new teaser presents Jigsaw’s operation

Saw X: new teaser presents Jigsaw's operation

Saw: The Macabre Game – 48% not only revolutionized horror films thanks to the ingenuity with which they overcame a limited budget, it also launched the careers of James Wan and Leigh Whannell, who became creators of the genre truly respected by fans. Of course, the film also launched a successful franchise that refuses to die, just like John Kramer, who will return once again in Saw X: The Fear Game, a sequel that presents a curious teaser about Jigsaw’s operation.

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The origins of Saw

Wan and Whannell finished film school and decided to work on a low-budget film of their own. In order not to waste the few economic resources they had at that time, both developed low-budget ideas with few actors involved. From there came the premise of two men tied up at different ends of a room who don’t know how they got there and must figure out how to get out and why they were locked up in the first place. At the same time, Whannell spent months suffering from intense migraines and when he thought it could be a tumor, he analyzed how he would react to such news, which led to the creation of Jigsaw.

In the first film, the mystery about who the murderer is and why the characters are trapped in that cycle of violence is much more important than the torture they experience throughout the story. The approach had to do with the desire to live and what happens when we waste our life or take it for granted. Critics at the time were very divided, but everyone reacted extremely to the instances of blood and gore, which served to exploit the sequels, already totally focused on the curious “games” of the main villain.

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Saw X official poster (Source: IMDb)
Saw X official poster (Source: IMDb)

With the arrival of new sequels, fans were able to appreciate increasingly strange and, in some ways, even interesting and fun torture, which eventually affected the quality of the films. In addition to this point, the franchise also sought to give more meaning and complexity to the character of Jigsaw, so details were revealed to us about his life, his illness and his plan behind all his games, as well as his connection with one of the victims. that he did manage to escape his torture. In this way, Tobin Bell, who plays John Kramer, found a privileged place within the genre, and the saga has no problem using him as the center of everything, as will happen with the most recent installment.

Be careful who you put under the knife.

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What is Saw X about?

This new teaser presents us with the classic Operation game, but with Jigsaw instead of the classic man. The reference is to the plot of the film itself, which will function as a direct sequel to Saw and prequel to Saw II. From what has been seen so far in the official images and the official trailer, Kramer seeks revenge against some doctors who deceived him and pretended to cure his illness. We all know that the character has a brain tumor that will end his life, and in this story we will see how hard he tried to find a cure.

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When he is informed that a promising research center is located on the outskirts of Mexico City, Kramer travels with the certainty that his life will be saved, especially after interviewing a young woman who he claims was cured with a new treatment. However, when they inform him that the cancer continues to spread and they never actually removed the tumor from him, the man decides to take revenge on everyone who deceived him, starting a terrifying game that will definitely have many references to the other films.

Saw X, directed by Kevin Greutert, will hit theaters on September 29, and hopes to generate new interest in this franchise that has never delighted critics, but has loved lovers of blood and torture porn. Although the arrival of Spiral: The Fear Game continues – 55% promoted the idea of ​​making spin-offs within the franchise to let the original idea rest. If this installment works at the box office and among the public, the production company will surely return to its usual path for more sequels.

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