Saudi Arabia F1 GP: Verstappen lives oblivious to the mess at Red Bull | Formula 1 | Sports


There is nothing to do to make Max Verstappen shake. Neither the other teams competing in the Formula 1 World Championship have managed to design a car capable of following in the wake of the RB20, nor has the internal storm that has been unleashed in Red Bull after the latest extra-sports events managed to make the current champion nervous. At 26 years old, the Dutchman has accumulated the last three titles in a row, and the ways he is taking this season suggest that the fourth is already on the way.

Having overcome the first few courses in which his vigor played some tricks on him, Verstappen has been in his best moment for some time now, and that places him on a level that is unattainable for his rivals, who cannot do anything other than compliment him. The comparison of him with Checo Pérez, his neighbor in the Red Bull workshop, does not offer any type of doubt if we consider that the Hasselt driver surpasses the Mexican in all calculable parameters since they race together (2021). Whether in number of victories (45 to five for Pérez), podiums (57 to 26), fastest laps (21 to seven) and pole positions (31 to three). The last of them was awarded this Friday in Jeddah, where on Saturday (6:00 p.m., Dazn) the second stop of a championship is held that, with the passing of the days, is more similar to last year’s.

This is Verstappen’s second consecutive pole and the 34th of his service record, a figure that allows him to surpass in this parameter two figures of the caliber of Jim Clark and Alain Prost, and which places him as the fifth rider who has raced the most times. started without traffic ahead. Next to him, on the first row, Charles Leclerc will start, while Fernando Alonso will start fourth. Only 55 thousandths separated the record of the second (Leclerc) from the one who scored the fourth (Alonso), in a sample of the narrowness that exists in the middle zone of the table. Above, Mad Max is going his own way, oblivious to the division that has been generated in Red Bull, as a result of the investigation opened into Christian Horner, the director, accused by an employee of inappropriate behavior.

The last episode of this series that monopolizes the start of this World Cup focuses on Helmut Marko, one of the most influential authorities within the F1 division of the red buffalo company. According to what the veteran former Austrian driver told his country’s television, his own company could prevent him from attending the Australian Grand Prix, scheduled for two weeks from now.

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