Santander League: Morata vindicates himself with the help of VAR | Sports| The USA Print

Santander League: Morata vindicates himself with the help of VAR |  Sports

A goal in discount from Morata, validated by VAR, gave an ambitious Atlético victory against a good Girona. The lack of tact condemned the two teams to a draw when the striker from Madrid appeared at the far post to steal with his toe an earlier touch from Correa at the first. The goal was the culmination of a beautiful game to watch. Played one on one, full of intensity and alternatives.

Simeone’s emboldened team was waiting for the sophisticated Girona de Míchel, who has built a team of constant movements to spaces to progress with the ball. At full speed or pause, as appropriate, but always vertical. Arnau’s position, more inside than right back, personified that tactical vanguard that Guardiola has exploited so much. He first be narrow and then wide in the last third of the field. Arnau, intended by Atlético, and Riquelme starred in the start of the duel. The second, on loan from the colchoneros, claimed his change of pace and his vision of the game before Simeone.

It took Atlético to find its truth. He did it when he got better at passing and began to understand Arnau’s position. Not only to defend it, but also to attack it. There was a corridor for Carrasco that Simeone publicized loudly from the band. And on the flank of the Belgian, Atlético began to grow. Then the Memphis-Griezmann couple that Simeone intends to consolidate was added. The Dutchman left him a free shot for the Frenchman’s right leg, the bad one. This matched his partner with a past cross that Memphis aimed high in an acrobatic foreshortening.

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Marcos Combustion Llorente also entered, who again shows off the exuberance of legs in defense and attack that made him international. A pass from him was blown up by Memphis high in the corner of the small area.

The changes of power and the intention of both teams to play in the opposite field led to a spectacular duel in the first act. Atlético more puncher, without losing face Girona. The start of halftime presented Simeone’s men with the same intentions of ending the duel with which the first act ended. Marcos Llorente with a volley at the far post forced Gazzaniga into a prodigious handball. The same one that Oblak had to put in a dry and point-blank shot from Tsygankov. The Slovenian goalkeeper captured the image of the night. David López perceived him ahead of time and shot him a parable from forty meters that aimed for the goal of the season. On the run, Oblak pushed himself back to slap the poisoned ball that had been thrown at him over the crossbar.

The play revitalized Girona and Simeone operated. In one fell swoop he seated Lemar, Memphis and Marcos Llorente, who did not seem to understand his change because he felt that he was being the best on his team. De Paul, Correa and Morata entered the scene. The duel continued vibrant. With Girona also determined to pupate. Until a gift to Correa that could already be a goal ended in a corner kick. The Argentine deflected the ball at the near post and Morata finished it off at the second. The referee canceled the goal for offside, but the VAR corrected him after a long and tense wait. Morata could not repress the verse relegated by the Memphis-Griezmann couple in his celebration. He has three goals in the two games that the couple have ousted him. “Take, take,” shouted Atlético’s top scorer with ten goals in the League and two in the Cup. Although this does not guarantee ownership.

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