SAG-AFTRA members re-elected Fran Drescher as their president

SAG-AFTRA members re-elected Fran Drescher as their president

Almost 60 days into the historic strike in Hollywood, the National Board of the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) ), elections were held this Friday to assign the positions of president and secretary-treasurer at the national level. According to the Fran Drescher Union, the 65-year-old American actress competed with Maya Gilbert to renew the position of president of the union for two more years. After concluding her first period as leader, which began in 2021, she won again, this time with 81.4% of the votes. Regarding the appointment of secretary-treasurer, Joely Fisher obtained 70.3%, while his opponent, Peter Anticoobtained 29.7%.

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In a statement (via SAG-AFTRA), the actress The babysittersaid:

I am honored to serve my union as president for another term. These are dynamic times and, as one member body, we will weather the storms, stand firm on our principles and ensure that our major contributions to this collaborative art form are never again diminished but rather exalted.

Fran Descher in The Babysitter (Image: CBS)
Fran Descher in The Babysitter (Image: CBS)

Drescher had an intense presence in the first days of the union’s strike from the moment it began on July 14. The actress has emphasized that the Hollywood industry is at a turning point. Among other things, she due to the disparity in salaries and the attempt to use artificial intelligence on background actors, without them receiving additional payments for the future use of her image.

I want all members to be equal in every way and I will continue to fight marginalization and discrimination within our union, by our employers and the world at large. Our main goal as a union should be to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities to work.

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A Golden Age for SAG-AFTRA

The president-elect expressed her expectations for this new period that, she hopes, will be characterized by sincerity and empathy:

Taking our time, speaking from the heart and making decisions should be based on wisdom and not politics. Much has been accomplished in the last two years, but I feel great optimism that the next two will be the best in our history. As we let go of tribalism and gain more empathy for one another, as we realize that with every experience comes the opportunity to improve on our journey of self-refinement, we will also enter a Golden Age for SAG-AFTRA.

For her part, the elected secretary-treasurer emphasized the difficulties that the American entertainment world is going through and thanked for the trust placed in her:

In these difficult times, artists are doing what they have always done best: working together to achieve a common goal. I appreciate your trust in my work on behalf of my unionist brothers and my firm commitment to you. I want to thank all the members who recognized this auspicious moment and volunteered to serve. Your union family deeply appreciates your willingness to run for office and contribute.

He also stressed the importance of the union, adding that he will work together with Fran Drescher to improve the future of the industry.

I am very excited by your unprecedented support and confirm the promise that President Drescher and I will move forward with the same commitment to unity demonstrated in this electoral process and, finally, with a decent contract. President Drescher and I are very excited to work alongside all of you as we usher in a new era for SAG-AFTRA, where we are all respected and compensated sufficiently for our contributions to this industry.

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