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La bandera de la OTAN ondea en la Plaza del Senado en Helsinki, Finlandia.

The NATO flag flies in Senate Square in Helsinki, Finland.

Photo: MARKKU ULANDER/Lehtikuva/AFP / Getty Images

Russia reported in May 2022 that Finland’s bid to join NATO was a hostile move that “definitely” posed a threat for his safety, statements that he reiterated after that country formally joined the organization.

Now the Kremlin has warned Finland that it will have to “take unspecified steps” in response.

“Naturally, this forces us to take countermeasures to ensure our own tactical security and strategic,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters at a news conference, according to the Moscow Times.

When Finland formally joined the alliance on Tuesday, Peskov denounced the move as an “intrusion into the security and national interests of Russia.”” and a “escalation”.

Finland’s entry into NATO could mark one of the most significant geopolitical consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine to date and could also represent a realignment of Europe’s security framework.

Background Finland Russia

Finland, a European Union country that shares an 830-mile border with Russiafought a war with the Soviet Union during World War II known as the Winter War, losing around 10% of its territory in the process, but not before it caused heavy casualties.

In the aftermath of that conflict, Finland and the USSR signed a treaty guaranteeing that Helsinki would remain neutral during the Cold War in exchange for guarantees that the Soviets would not invade again.

Finland became a NATO partner country after the fall of the Soviet Union, but failed to become a full member, at least until Russia invaded Ukraine.

The Nordic country moved to join NATO along with Sweden as a direct response to Russia’s assault on Ukraine in February 2022.

Although Finland’s bid has been approved, Sweden’s membership bid is currently being retained by Hungary and Turkey. New members must receive the unanimous support of all current alliance members.

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