Rubiales arrives in Spain, live | The former president of the RFEF lands in Madrid from the Dominican Republic waiting to be brought to justice | Soccer | Sports


Luis Rubiales landed this morning in terminal one of the Barajas airport from the Dominican Republic, where he was on a business trip. The former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation is being investigated for alleged business corruption and unfair administration. Upon his arrival, according to investigation sources, what was expected was that Rubiales would be detained and taken to the Civil Guard headquarters at the airport. There his rights would be read, his fingerprints would be taken and he would be given a judicial summons to testify before Judge Delia Rodríguez, head of court number four of Majadahonda. Afterwards he would be released.

Rubiales could not be arrested on March 22 within the framework of Operation Brody like other federation leaders because he was in Punta Cana. There, on Monday agents from the Central Operational Unit (UCO) searched his residence and a tablet and a Mobile phone.

After landing, a UCO vehicle was waiting for Rubiales at the foot of the runway, while at the exit door of terminal one the National Police has established a security cordon in order to prevent the more than 50 media present there. they can approach you.

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