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Rosalía reappears with a transparent corset while showing off her waist

Singer Rosalia since last July it has occupied the main headlines of the entertainment source, after it was announced that it was indeed Her romantic relationship with Rauw Alejandro had come to an end. after having stayed together for three years.

In turn, the interpreter of ‘With height’ has almost 28 million followers on the camera’s social network, which is how she has marked her return to the platform, after having taken a break in the middle of the whole situation he was going throughwhere the Rumors of alleged infidelity were present.

Rauw’s ex-fiancée shared a gallery of postcards of what was the photo shoot carried out to become the cover of ‘Dazed’ magazine, while the sensuality and style overflowed in the images that can be seen. Furthermore, she decided to wear her hair down, a green skirt and a corset full of transparencies that left little to the imagination of application users.

Internet users took a few seconds of their time to talk about the content he shared last Sunday, which is how it moved more than one, after some considered that He is living one of his best moments because of how he looks physically.

However, there was a user who asked him if he had indeed returned to the reggaeton player, after some images were shared where He was reading and she later had the same book in her bed.although so far no further details are known.

“Without a doubt from the Renaissance, you are a sculpture,” “You are a goddess from the OLYMPUS of Greece”, “I would like to be the one who holds your umbrella”, “I see her cooler and more powerful, I love you mom”, “But what are my lustful eyes seeing?”, “Don’t miss the mayonnaise!! Kisses, beautiful!!”, “The schedule was so tight and there was time to SERVE”, “I love it”, “You came back stronger“, “Take that”, “You are beautiful”, “Hey, are you back with your ex?”, “You are so pretty that you become a threat”, “What a piece of cover”, “You are the most beautiful of all the covers”, were some of the reactions that were recorded in the post.

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