Rosalía puts her ‘Motomami’ suit up for auction at a lower price than her signed Barça shirt | Entertainment | The USA Print

Rosalía auctions off her red 'Motomami' suit at a surprising price and for a good cause

“A Motomami gladly destroys her previous works to make way for the next ones.” Rosalía said it when she was warming up for the presentation of the album that took her on a half-world tour until December. The singer is now getting rid of one of the iconic wardrobe sets of the tour – the red leather one – in an auction that starts with relatively affordable starting prices for pockets where there are plenty of euros and for a good cause. An initial amount that would be less than that of the special shirt with signatures that the singer launched last month with FC Barcelona.

The proceeds from this auction will be donated to the Spanish Antonio Gala Foundation, which offers scholarships to young creators. A Motomami inspires and also helps other artists. In this case, offering to the highest bidder the set of jacket, miniskirt and bodysuit with side cuts.

Designed by Dion Lee, the looks it reflects the biker aesthetic that marked ‘Motomami’, the artist’s third album. As we explained in this article about Rosalía’s styling on her tour, this Australian dressmaker has dressed celebrities such as Meghan Markle, Cate Blanchett, Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence.

Rosalía, with the red leather outfit from her ‘Motomami’ tour. (Ricardo Rubio / EP)

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“Rosalía is a delicate singer but with an image of strength, and this group combines both qualities,” said Martin Nolan, executive director of Julien’s, to the AFP agency, who estimated the starting value of the piece between 2,000 and 3,000 dollars (between about 1,800 and 2,700 euros).

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The special shirt that FB Barcelona will wear at the Camp Nou

The special FB Barcelona shirt linked to Rosalía.


That threshold of 2,000 euros would be lower than that of the special ‘Motomami’ FC Barcelona shirt, at 1,999 euros with the signature of the first team (male and female). A print run that sold out after a few hours and that also sold unsigned garments at a lower price (399 euros).

According to the portal, there are already offers that triple that amount. “She’s an emerging artist who hasn’t forgotten her roots or the journey she’s been on, and she understands that now that she’s world famous she can help others,” Nolan said in a statement. collected by Clarin.

Also on sale is the butterfly helmet with the long fuchsia ponytail that the singer wore in an ad campaign to launch her Move drink. A small autographed fridge and various memorabilia make up the rest of the auction on the portal, which will be available online until April 24.

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