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Rosalía quedó encantada con el aguachile de camarón.

Rosalía was delighted with the shrimp aguachile.

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Rosalía recently visited Mexico to participate in the closing ceremony of the Ax Ceremonia festival. The Spanish singer came to the country with her most iconic songs to please her fans.

However, they were not the only ones pleased. The interpreter of ‘Bizcochito’ was delighted with the shrimp aguachile, a very traditional Mexican recipe.

Rosalía had such a taste for this meal, made from shrimp bathed in a delicious chili sauce, that she did not hesitate to ask her followers what is the recipe for such a delicious preparation.

“Hello, does anyone have the recipe for the shrimp aguachile? Diossss, it’s delicious. I discovered it on this last trip to Mexico and it would be a dream to learn how to make it. Is it difficult??” Rosalía wrote in a tweet that has gone around the world and that her Mexican fans have especially loved.

Internet users have not hesitated to share their recipes with the Spanish and it would be expected that if Rosalía makes this preparation at home, she will share the result with all these people who have dedicated themselves to telling her how to do it.

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro get married

A few days ago Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro made headlines when they announced their engagement at the end of the video clip for their song ‘Beso’. The romantic couple from the world of music made the confirmation, as it is said that they have been engaged for a long time since in June 2022 he was seen wearing a ring that seems to be an engagement.

After a great visual sample of moments that they have lived throughout their relationship, a video appears where Rosalia is seen showing the rock that she has on her finger, pointing out that her mascara is running and saying ‘I love you’ to her boyfriend before sharing a heartwarming kiss.

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