Rosa Benito warns with demands after a video leaked by Amador Mohedano: “If I was ‘crazy’ (admitted) I am not ashamed”


Rosa Benito has exploded And she has done it after information and a video related to one of the hardest episodes of his life, that of his voluntary admission to a psychiatric hospital, back in 2014.

Rocío Jurado’s sister-in-law, who returns to Telecinco this Friday as a collaborator after the network’s veto, wrote this Wednesday on her Instagram account: “I’m thinking about taking legal action. against someone who during these days is pouring lies about me, even showing a video without my permission. I don’t care who sent it to you“It was at a private event,” he lamented.

“This character suggests that I went crazy (you’re going to show it to me), and if I was ‘crazy’ (admitted), I’m not ashamed”, Add. He talks about the youtuber JuanjoVlog, who says he received said video from Amador Mohedano. It is not the first time that Chayo Mohedano’s mother confronts this content creator.

The one who was the winner of Survivors 2011 and former collaborator of Save me sentence with a message of improvement: “I came out and am an example for many people who live and lived a similar situation. I am grateful for having the beautiful family I have. Without them he would not have achieved it.” In the publication, Benito has deactivated the comments so as not to receive any hurtful messages.

The youtuber, for his part, has reacted after Rosa’s response: “I have recordings from several people, I have witnesses, at least four, who demonstrate what happened that day”. And he has sentenced: “I’m not messing with an illness, but with the attitude of that moment”. He assures that not only Amador has given him permission to broadcast this video. On the part of Amador and Rosa, it must be remembered that they maintain (or maintained) a cordial relationship after burying the hatchet a couple of years ago. In June 2022 they sealed their cordiality with a kiss on television that gave rise to misunderstandings and rumors of a possible sentimental reconciliation that never happened and Rosa herself denied.

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