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Rodolfo Hernández during an event in December 2021.
Rodolfo Hernández during an event in December 2021.Sergio Steel (Colprensa)

Rodolfo Hernández cannot hide his machismo. In an attempt to clarify a sentence that put him at the center of the debate a few days ago, he ended up darkening. “The ideal would be for women to dedicate themselves to raising children,” he said Tuesday on the radio. Hernández, 77, was seeking to make amends for what, according to him, the networks had taken out of context. A week ago, also on a radio station, he had said that with a resounding no he answered She thought it was a good idea for women to have a role in politics or in some management position. “It is good that they make comments and that they support from home. The woman involved in the Government, people do not like it, ”she said. And she continued: “Because they see that she is invasive, that she was not the one they chose, the one they chose was her husband. So, if there is something that she has to tell me, Socorro, my wife, she will tell me at home, ”she assured. Regarding the figure of first lady and the place that she usually occupies in the House of Nariño, she continued: “She should not be stuck there with a car, with a driver, advisors, spending money on the citizens. We are not for that”. After the criticism that aroused his words, the man from Santander spoke about women again. The problem is that this time he did it when he is already one of the two options to become president.

This Tuesday, Hernández, who since Sunday has been the protagonist of the electoral campaign, due to the surprise of his passage to the second round, spoke on Caracol Radio about what He says It was a misrepresentation, but it was enough for him to open his mouth to fall back into the same speech. Rodolfo Hernández represents the macho Colombia, which can only see women as housewives and does not conceive the idea that she can also have a position or a job outside the home.

“The ideal would be for women to dedicate themselves to raising children,” he said and returned to the same as a week ago: “In the presidency there is an office that they put first lady, they put about 20 cars, bodyguards, drivers , tamales, egg arepas, to take the friends there to fuck, to disturb, what for? She can help me from here [desde la casa]”. According to the candidate, who won 28% of the votes in Sunday’s elections, women “had to” work because society is ruined. “The woman had to get to work to contribute and complement the house cats.” Hernández points out that in his Bucaramanga Mayor’s Office, women held almost 70% of the positions. “They were excellent workers,” he commented, when all was said.

The vice-presidential formula of the former mayor of Bucaramanga is a woman, Marelen Castillo, 53 years old. The bet with her election has been to show that she is not as macho as she seems. Castillo has defended him after her last public appearances and has said that she is a “respectful” man. But Hernández’s macho statements are not new. This week a video was released in which he talks about the femicide law, which has existed in Colombia for six years, after the brutal murder of Rosa Elvira Cely in 2012 in the Bogotá National Park.

“The government invents crimes to solve problems. For example, a politician decided to make a flag of femicide, which is a homicide of a woman, and introduced a law, and I think the law passed, but I understand that the Court knocked her down, and she came out as a senator with that story. What that senator did, that she came up with the story of the homicide, which turned it back to femicide, is the violent attack that leads to the death of a woman over? It’s not over, it’s still the same or worse,” Hernández is heard saying in an undated video.

Rodolfo Hernández does not know that the crime of femicide exists, that the Court did not knock him down, but this Tuesday on Twitter a trend has been created under the label #ElFemicideSiExiste to remind him.

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