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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. irá por las elecciones de 2024.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will run for the 2024 election.

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an anti-vaccine activist and nephew of John F. Kennedy, announced that he will run in the 2024 election.

Kennedy filed a declaration of candidacy Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission.

The 69-year-old’s campaign to challenge incumbent President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination is a long shot, CBS reports. reporting Kennedy’s candidacy.

Kennedy, descendant of one of the most famous families in the political arena of the United Stateswas once a best-selling author and environmental lawyer who worked on issues like clean water.

It is worth mentioning that more than 15 years ago, he became obsessed with the belief that “vaccines are not safe“. She emerged as one of the leading voices in the anti-vaccine movement, and her work has been described by public health experts and even by members of her own family as deceptive and dangerous.

Kennedy had long been involved in the anti-vaccine movement.but the effort intensified after the Covid-19 pandemic and the development of its vaccine.

Your Vaccine Charity, Children’s Health Defensethrived during the pandemic, with revenue more than doubling in 2020 to $6.8 million, according to filings with charity regulators.

His organization has targeted false claims at groups that may be more likely to mistrust the vaccine, including mothers and African-Americans, experts said, which could have resulted in deaths during the pandemic.

Kennedy published a book in 2021, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” in which he accused America’s top infectious disease doctor of aiding in “a historic coup against Western democracy” and promoted unproven treatments for Covid-19. 19 such as ivermectin, which is meant to treat parasites, and the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine.

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