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Rikishi Jey Uso
Rikishi Jey Uso

At Payback 2023, Jey Uso made his shock return to WWE after “leaving” the company a few weeks ago. Following his return, Rikishi took to social media to share a four-word message.

Jey was betrayed by his brother Jimmy Uso at SummerSlam, who is currently on SmackDown. Amid the tension between the two brothers, rumors suggested that Rikishi could play a significant role in their sons’ confrontation.

In a previously deleted tweet, he hinted that he would be the special guest referee for a match between Jimmy and Jey at Payback. However, that was not the case.

The WWE legend took to Instagram to post a photo of himself and sent a four-word message. Interestingly, it also mentioned The Bloodline and The Usos in its title despite not fully addressing Jey’s return to the company.

“Get up, stand up ☝🏾” (Get up, stand up)

Check out Rikishi’s Instagram post below:

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