Richter Belmont faces his greatest fear in new trailer for Castlevania: Nocturne

Richter Belmont faces his greatest fear in new trailer for Castlevania: Nocturne

castlevania is one of the most important franchises in popular culture. The story began as a series of video games that sought to approach the vampire theme from another angle to show these creatures with all the danger and violence that their original stories implied, long before certain trends romanticized them. With Castlevania – 85%, Netflix proved that it could adapt this work in an ingenious way and to continue with the saga it will soon premiere Castlevania: Nocturne which has just revealed its new trailer.

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The origins of Castlevania

In 1986, the video game company Konami released the first game of castlevania for Nintendo, and here the narrative that has been maintained all this time was already presented where the Belmont clan, vampire hunters, must defeat Dracula himself. The title became a great success that encouraged the arrival of sequels, new versions and remakes for all types of consoles, from PlayStation to cell phones. In the same way, its popularity reached such a degree that it began to cross formats in a very organic way.

This helped the saga to remain in the public’s taste for years, and it is that some knew it through the games, some through the comics, and others are becoming familiar with the idea thanks to the Netflix animated series. In 2017, the streaming platform released the first episodes of castlevania and after several successful seasons, now prepares the arrival of Castlevania: Nocturne, a spin-off that will star Richter Belmont, one of the fan-favorite characters. After several months of waiting and a very promising teaser, the company finally released the official trailer for this new proposal.

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Official poster for Castlevania: Nocturne (Source: IMDb)
Official poster for Castlevania: Nocturne (Source: IMDb)

Watch the trailer here Castlevania: Nocturne:

The first season of castlevania adapted the game Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse where Trevor Belmont, Alucard and Sypha Belnades are the protagonists of the story, although the series did show several references to other installments throughout its four seasons. with CAstlevania: NocturneNetflix hopes to successfully adapt the line of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood and its sequel Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, with Richter Belmont in front. The task will not be easy, since the fans will be especially demanding with this work due to the status of the protagonist within the canon.

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What is ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ about?

Castlevania: Nocturne introduces us to Richter Belmont, the only representative of the famous vampire hunting clan who hopes to stop the arrival of a vampire messiah who could cause the apocalypse. To achieve his goal, the protagonist must join forces with other hunters and sorcerers, all in the vicinity of the French Revolution in 1792. The new trailer shows us how a group of vampires welcomes a new element that swears allegiance to a figure very feared and dangerous.

Fans are well aware that Richter’s evolution is quite complex, and there is even a point in the story where he is brainwashed and becomes a dangerous antagonist. However, it is too soon to know if the animation will follow that path or take liberties as expected in this type of adaptation. In fact, at the moment it has not been specified if Castlevania: Nocturne Will it be a miniseries or hope to develop several seasons like its predecessor. What is clear is that Netflix will surely find new ways to continue working on this saga, since the public has received its proposals well.

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Castlevania: Nocturne It will arrive on the Netflix platform on September 28, but the company will have a virtual event where it will be screened the day before. castlevania It has a very rich and extensive canon, with several heroes and villains that deserve to be explored independently, so those responsible for these adaptations could already be thinking about the next step, although we will not have news about it for a long time and until see how the public receives this spin-off.

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