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Republicans plan to investigate Biden

legislators republicans warned this Wednesday that they plan to investigate the president, Joe Bidenfor supposedly accepting bribes in his time as vice president of Barack Obama (2009-2017).

The president of the Oversight and Accountability Committee of the House of RepresentativesJames Comer, and Charles Grassley, a member of the Budget Committee, indicated that they had made that decision after affirming that the FBI and the Department of Justice seem to have valuable information on the matter, although they have not made it public.

The two legislators claimed to have received revelations “highly credible” according to which the FBI and Justice possess an unclassified document that describes an alleged criminal scheme involving the then vice president and a foreign national, for which there would have been an exchange of money in exchange for political decisions.

The complainant who provided them with that information claims that the document includes an accurate description of that plan and its purpose.

The FBI and the Justice Department, according to the letter sent by Comer and Grassley to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray, appear to have sufficient information “to determine the truth and accuracy” of what is contained in the reportbut it is not clear that they have taken any steps to investigate the matter.

For this reason, they assured that an investigation will be launched. “independent and objective” of these allegations, and asked Wray to collaborate in their investigations by providing them with all the documents related to Biden created or modified in June 2020, the date on which that bribery would have occurred.

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The republicans regained control of the lower house in January after the mid-term elections in November and since then they have had in their sights to investigate the alleged businesses of the Biden family with “adversaries” of the country taking advantage of its political ties.

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