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Repsol platform in Trinidad and Tobago, in an image provided by the company.
Repsol platform in Trinidad and Tobago, in an image provided by the company.

The EIG Global Energy Partners fund is in talks with Repsol to buy a part of its Exploration and Production business (known in jargon with the anglicism upstream) of oil and gas, as confirmed to the Reuters agency by three sources familiar with the negotiations, which are at a very early stage. By transcending the possibility of that agreement, the shares of the Spanish oil company have jumped on the Ibex 35, where they have closed the day with a growth of 3.47% and a value of 15.95 euros per share, the highest since October 2018.

The fund of American origin, specialized in channeling private investment towards the energy sector and its related infrastructures, is interested in buying up to 25% of the area that is responsible for the exploitation of oil and natural gas deposits, according to the same sources. These have not put an economic value on the operation, but analysts value the entire business upstream of Repsol between 14,000 and 18,000 million euros. The division recorded net profits of 1,687 million last year and was the great driver of the 1,392 million profit (more than double that of a year earlier) that Repsol recorded in the first quarter of 2022.

After the publication of the news, the company chaired by Antonio Brufau has sent a statement to the National Securities Market Commission in which it admits to be “analyzing various opportunities and proposals related to said business”. However, Repsol points out that “no decision has been made in this regard” and recalls that the Exploration and Production business is “strategic, which includes its long-term maintenance and consolidation.”

If the sale of part of the business is completed, Repsol would be able to raise cash to finance its decarbonization program, which includes doubling its low-emission generation capacity until 2025. To reach 7.5 gigawatts (GW) in that year, the The company’s strategic plan, which covers the period 2021-2025, foresees an investment of 5,500 million (out of a total investment of 18,300 million in the plan as a whole). In addition, the talks come at a time when the international oil and gas market is hot as a result of high international prices for both products after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

the one in the area upstream It is not the only corporate operation that the Repsol group is flying over. Without going any further, this Monday the departure of the share capital of Sacyr, which had a 2.9% stake in the oil company, was revealed. And, at the same time, it has been looking for a partner for its renewable generation subsidiary for months, although the Spanish group would keep a majority stake and retain control of that business.

For EIG Global Energy Partners, which is based in Washington, the operation would also be a continuation of its recent activity. The fund, which has been the one that has taken the initiative to address Repsol, last year led the consortium that paid 10,400 million to acquire 49% of the oil pipelines of the Saudi state oil company Aramco, which in the context of high prices international companies in the sector has become the largest company in the world.

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