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Regina Cassandra

Regina Cassandra This Chennai petite is creating a sensation on social media. Recently, the photos posted by Bhama are creating heat on the internet. Regina beauty in golden yellow color dress is not done normally.

Regina Cassandra
Regina Cassandra

Recently, Regina posted some photos on her social media. In these photos, this beauty made a noise in a golden yellow color dress. She gave a fierce pose to the boys. And the cleavage tempts the boys with the beauty of the cleavage.

After seeing these photos, the boys are falling in love with Regina. Comments are being made that it is maddening with the beauty of the front and back. They are wondering why such a blonde is not getting proper offers. Reg.. They are filling the comment box with their love saying you are so hot.

Regina Siva made her debut in Tollywood with Shruti (SMS). After that she got a super hit with the movie Routine Love Story. After that, she made a splash in Tollywood with movies like Power, Pilla Thu Lai Kevan, Subramaniam For Sale.

Currently, Regina is getting a special recognition by acting in different concept roles while pleasing in glamor roles on one side. She is moving forward in her career by doing films regardless of the hit flop.

On social mediaBeing very active.. Regina is serving glamor treat. These photos are currently trending on social media. Netizens are commenting with hot emojis saying Amazing. Currently, this Bhama.. recently greeted the audience with the movie ‘Shakini Dhakini’. Currently, she is doing films like ‘Nena Na’ in Telugu and Karungapiyam, Soorpanagai and Border in Tamil. Similarly, John Baz is doing a web series on Hindustan

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