Real Valladolid withdraws the three and a half year subscription to 10 members for racist insults to Vinicius | Sports| The USA Print

Real Valladolid withdraws the three and a half year subscription to 10 members for racist insults to Vinicius |  Sports

Real Valladolid has withdrawn the subscription card of 10 fans who on December 30, in the match against Madrid (0-2), racistly insulted Vinicius Júnior. The penalty will be in effect for three and a half years. The Pucelano club, chaired by Ronaldo Nazário, a former soccer player among others from Madrid, has collaborated with the Police and the authorities to locate the fans who thus disqualified the Brazilian winger when he was substituted in the final minutes of the match. He pucela He first opened a disciplinary file for them, which implied the precautionary order not to enter the stadium, until the final resolution has been confirmed. “Real Valladolid will have zero tolerance for this type of behavior, with the aim of completely eradicating it,” the entity has communicated.

This measure comes after the application of the internal regulations of the subscriber and the spectators in general in the face of events during which “they have been classified as very serious”, hence Real Valladolid decides to suspend these individuals for three and a half years. “The social disciplinary body of Real Valladolid has received the sanction proposal from the Instructor for the people identified by the Police for uttering racist insults to the Real Madrid player, Vinicius Júnior, during the match that faced both teams in the José Zorrilla Stadium on December 30”, the club indicated in a press release, which includes this sanction for the 10 culprits.

The location of these subjects has been obtained through the collaboration of the pucela with the Police in a case that has been repeated in other stadiums in recent times. Vinicius also received racist insults last weekend at the Betis field, where his team drew 0-0, disqualifying charges that have become the seventh complaint that LaLiga has made so far this season against the South American attacker. In the blanquivioleta case, Ronaldo harshly condemned what happened and Real Valladolid quickly positioned itself in the face of what happened, pointing out the isolated fans and defending its social mass: “Real Valladolid does not consider its fans to be racist, but the commission of These specific incidents have forced us to take the appropriate measures”.

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The Valladolid club reported a few weeks ago that in the face of the insults registered on December 30 in the match against Real Madrid, it was going to collaborate with the relevant organizations and, once they found out which fans had acted racistly, they let them know that there were three avenues of investigation open. Real Valladolid carried out its own investigation, another depended on the State Commission against violence, xenophobia and intolerance in sport, and another by ordinary justice. The defendants went to the José Zorrilla stadium to be informed of this open process and now settled with the three and a half years of suspension of the card.

The president of the Higher Sports Council, José Manuel Franco, praised during this investigation phase the involvement of the pucela to locate the individuals who launched these outbursts. “I would like to highlight the example that teams like Real Valladolid have given. Thanks to their collaboration, it has been possible to identify 10 people who have used racist, intolerable and unpresentable insults. It is the way. Those are neither fans nor do they like football. If they liked football and loved their colors, they would go to cheer, not spoil a magnificent show, ”he assured in the Cope Chain.

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