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One of the most contradictory trajectories of the modern stage of Real Madrid is definitely the history of the club. Gareth Bale said goodbye to Real Madrid on Wednesday with an open letter in which he thanked everyone for his time at the club, including “the fans” who “have supported him throughout this time”. His relationship with the stands reached such a point of degradation, especially in the last stage, that his white CV was on the one hand and his place on the altar of Madrid’s affections, on a completely opposite one.

In his eight seasons as a white, he won five Champions Leagues and was the main protagonist in several of them, he was part of an iconic striker (the BBC, along with Benzema and Cristiano) that defined an era, and he accumulated remarkable personal figures (106 goals in 258 matches); however, his disconnection from the club had been evident for a long time and his rift with the fans was insurmountable. The huge whistle with which he was received by the Bernabéu on April 9 to play the last quarter of an hour against Getafe after more than two years without playing in the stadium reflected (and was not surprising) the distance between him and the fans .

His mysterious and uncommunicative character never helped him. In the offices, however, he was always regarded with indulgence and gratitude for the services rendered. His Chilean in the 2018 Champions League final, his career and his goal in the 2014 Cup final, and his goal in extra time in Lisbon are part of the sticker album of the second stage more laureate of the entity.

“I arrived here nine years ago as a young man who wanted to make my dream of playing for Real Madrid come true. Now I can look back, reflect and honestly say that this dream came true and much, much more. It has been an incredible experience that I will never forget, ”he wrote in his goodbye.

Already out of Madrid, now the unknown is what future he has left as a soccer player, a question that will largely depend on whether Wales qualifies for the next World Cup. On Sunday the 5th they will face each other in the final of the play off to the winner of the Scotland-Ukraine this Wednesday (20.45). If he does not get the pass for the Qatar event, his retirement from the fields is not ruled out, one month after his 33rd birthday.

His departure from the Castellana joins those of Isco and Marcelo, the three due to termination of the contract, three names that significantly lighten the wage bill of the locker room. Three different departures (honours for the Brazilian, indifference to the man from Malaga and whistles for the Welshman) that have something in common: they all began their steep decline as soon as Ronaldo left in 2018. Bale was entrusted with relieving the Portuguese’s void, but the left-hander He soon showed that he was not prepared for such a mission. Far from being able to take on the challenge, his fall since then has already been remedied.

Ancelotti’s attempts

Determined to fulfill his contract until the end, his membership in the squad this season seemed completely extemporaneous, even more so in a team where the youngsters took flight. The transfer to Tottenham the previous campaign, from where he had arrived in 2013 to Chamartín for a record figure at that time (101 million), did not satisfy the English team due to the player’s endemic irregularity and his continuous physical breaks, and in August he returned to the Castilian. Even so, Carlo Ancelotti gave him a reel at the beginning of the course in the first three league games, but the attempt soon fell apart.

An injury as soon as he stepped on the Bernabéu in mid-September for training took him back to the infirmary and, since then, his epilogue as a Real Madrid footballer condensed the worst of his career in the eyes of the fans: injuries, recoveries in extremis before calls with his team, last minute casualties and absence of medical reports at the player’s request. He closed the season with more minutes with Wales (324) than with Madrid (290).

Even so, Carletto, who always defended his professionalism against the majority opinion of the fans, turned to him twice in 2022. Before the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 in Paris, with Benzema in a moment of physical doubts, and in midway through the quarterfinals against Chelsea, after Modric’s essay as a false nine in the classic proved a catastrophe. Given the poor level of Mariano and Jovic, the Italian coach saw it necessary to have the Welshman in a certain orbit in case he might need him in a moment of maximum urgency. As much as he had the disaffection of the stands, no one ever denied the attacker his ability to produce from nothing.

Gareth Bale said goodbye in writing and with kind words after a very bitter final stage.

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