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Raúl González assures that he must "be honest with you" and is taking therapy

The television host Raúl González is one of the talents that accompanies the audience of ‘Despierta América’ from Monday to Friday along with another group of presenters. In turn, the Venezuelan It has always been characterized by its spark and joy that day after day ends up putting on the morning space that is broadcast on Univision.

However, it seems that currently he would not feel entirely good after a message that he made public on the camera’s social network through the stories of the application, while considering that it is completely necessary to be honest with those who remain attentive. to the content he uploads, and wrote the following: “I confess that they have not been easy days for many aspects. I have to be honest with you.”

Part of the message that Raúl carries is to make it clear to his followers that, like any other human being, he also faces situations that are not usually easy, but he is working to improve and continue moving forward. Besides, He explained that he is facing treatment.

González came to remember that stage of his life where he only preferred to eat and thus end up explaining the pain he had inside. However, later he made the determination to be able to do something not only for his physique, but also for his health and that undertaking is called ‘The RG Formula’.

“Before I would have immersed myself in food. Today, my mental and physical therapy is exercise“He continued to say on the camera’s social network.

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The presenter of “Despierta América” ​​on this occasion decided not to look back to find a way out of the circumstances he had to face. For this reason, he explained that physical training has always been his best ally in the various situations he experiences. However, He did not want to reveal the true reason that has it in such a way.

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