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Raúl de Molina had an emergency in a hotel in Mexico and ended up breaking the toilet

In a new broadcast of ‘The fat and the skinny‘, the drivers Raul de Molina and Lili Estefan They started in a very lively and fun way.thus highlighting that it was in the entertainment space where they offered all the details of what happened on the Delta flightwhere they had to return to the airport after taking a passenger with diarrhea.

In turn, Lili took advantage of the topic to remember a situation that Raúl experienced more than three decades ago, after finding himself unwell due to something he ate that did not sit well with his stomach, a fact that led him to feel a little embarrassed and later tell the story. details of what happened in a hotel he visited on that occasion.

Estefan, amidst the laughter, highlighted the moment that his co-worker experienced on one of his many visits to the aforementioned country: “Stomach breakdown, that happens to anyone Rauli because you had to call the fire department.“What was the name of that hotel in Mexico? But this can happen to anyone.”

De Molina explained that what happened on that occasion was recorded after he entered the bathroom and threw himself into the toilet, which caused him to end up splitting, then there was a flood, an event for which They had to seek professional help, which is how they evacuated the entire apartment to control what happened.

Later, they moved him to another room at the María Isabel Sheraton in Mexico.

“Almost 30 years ago, I was not on television. I was in Mexico, I went to eat at that time when someone got sick. I arrive at the María Isabel Sheraton hotel, I had to run to the bathroom, I run and throw myself in the bathroom and the toilet breaks, it was like floating and the entire floor floods. They had to evacuate the apartment and change my room“Raúl said in front of the Univision cameras.

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