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Rashel Díaz talks about her move to Oklahoma

The presenter and coach Rashel Diaz He has already started his new life in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A few days ago Díaz said that she and husband Carlos García had decided to leave their life in MiamiFlorida, aside to pursue his mission in life.

Díaz and García lived in a house with a patio, pool and even a tree house, but Now they moved to an apartment in Tulsa It is smaller but it covers all the needs they have at the moment.

The host He explained part of his new life in a new episode of his podcastpublished on his YouTube channel and other platforms.

As is common, Díaz served as a coach for those who are thinking about making a big change in their life. To motivate them, he uses his moving experience as an example. Emphasize that you don’t have to be afraid to leave your comfort zone.

During the episode he talked about arriving at the property: “While I was in this apartment, on the floor and surrounded by boxes, I didn’t even know where to start, with nothing, it was empty, just a bed and some pillows. I can’t explain to you the feeling of fullness that I had inside me.“.

He confesses that certainly the new place is not too spacious and that both will have to coincide in the same spaces to work or do any of their daily activities. Although Díaz managed to find the right space to record his podcast.

It is presumed that the place was rented by the couple and not purchased. Surely the couple will continue living under the same strategy as they did in Miami: sharing all expenses between them.

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At the moment it is not known what they will do with their properties in Miami, nor If they have plans to return after they complete their training process.

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