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Rashel Díaz.

Rashel Diaz.

Photo: Rashel Díaz / Courtesy

Since we don’t see her on TV every day, Rashel Díaz seems to have found the perfect formula to be much closer to her audience. A sample of them is not only the number of followers, but the questions and advice they ask.

As a good communicator Rashel knows how to reach them, and shares many of the keys to the success she has been building.especially in recent years, and on this occasion revealed the three basic secrets to be part of them and with whom what he hopes will be a great day begins.


As we told you above there are three, and they start from the moment you open your eyes, and before making any kind of movements. Rashel Herself explains them.

-Thank and talk to God.

“Getting up I dedicate time to God. It is that intimate moment with him, where, I thank you my God for allowing me one more day, that your will be done in my daily lifeI also declare that it will be a spectacular day. They have no idea how that helps you.”

Rashel DiazRashel Diaz
Rashel Diaz. Photo: Rashel Diaz

-Do not obsess over controlling everything.

Let go of everything you can’t control Not everything is in our hands and if everything is not in our hands why carry it. Release it and let it go!”

Rashel DiazRashel Diaz
Rashel Diaz. Photo: Rashel Diaz

-Enjoy what you have.

“True happiness is not in having everything we want, but in appreciate everything we have“.

Rashel DiazRashel Diaz
Rashel Diaz. Photo: Enrique Tubio

Rashel has decided to spend almost 100 percent of her time helping her public, the community, in different activities. From her church giving the word, with advice and also as a mentor. In fact This coming Saturday, April 22, he will be giving a free Masterclass where, for 3 hours, He will give advice and help those who sign up to lose fear, know how to speak to the public and even promises to teach how to generate money.

on more than one occasion She herself has confessed to us that not only does she not miss television, but that, in this way of reinventing herself, that he had already begun to make it grow before leaving ‘Un Nuevo Día’, as part of his ‘Plan B’, she found her true vacation, and for what one day she fell in love with being a communicator, which one? To help and serve.



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