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Raquel Bollo crosses the pond and enjoys New York in her new project

Save me In June, he left behind more than fourteen years on the air, an endless string of moments and a multitude of collaborators. One of the many who sat on the well-known Fuencarral set was Raquel Bollo, who was part of the cast of the program as a guest or talk show host for more than ten years. However, her main work is as a businesswoman in the world of fashion through Madre Fuerza, an entity founded in 2012.

The Sevillian turned the page on her time in the world of television and is once again focused on the more textile side of her career, as she has demonstrated through her Instagram profile. Bollo has shared a photograph with fellow fashion entrepreneur Jess Hunt, head of the cosmetics brand Refy Beauty. Likewise, she has also boasted about her trip to the United States and has shown her followers the steps she has taken in New York.

“What nerves! The suitcase is now ready, well I only have the bags left, and now I’ll show you the ones I have chosen so that they are comfortable for me on a day-to-day basis to carry money, documentation, cell phone and thus not be too loaded, because how much The bigger it is, the fuller it is,” the businesswoman said hours before landing in the iconic city. Once in the Big Apple, Bollo dedicated himself to explaining his experience in different iconic places and well-known people.

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“I told you that I was going to share a lot of content starting at 6:00 p.m. on my days in New York. Understand me. I want to record so much to show it through my eyes that in the end it got too late for me to be recording all the time. Here the distances are enormous and it is walking, walking and walking,” he explained, while sharing different images of the streets of the metropolis. The former collaborator also did not miss attending a fashion show and celebrating it.

The television collaborator has reported that she suffered from a major complex that the surgery has helped to solve.

Raquel Bollo in an archive image


Various replicas

“That’s New York, I met Jess Hunt walking through Soho. I love this city! ”He published hours later with the American businesswoman. The followers of her Instagram profile did not let the images go unnoticed, adding close to 3,500 likes on the last one. “I am very happy for you for everything you have achieved on your own, you and your entire family. May God bless you always beautiful,” commented one user.

“I’m very happy for her, I know what it’s like to fight for a dream when they make it so difficult for you, enjoy it a lot and you’re worth a lot, cheer up, keep it up,” read another of the responses. Likewise, there have also been confrontations in the comments about Bollo’s financial situation. “And I say, what do you care if this woman pays the Treasury or not or if she takes a trip to New York? Why are you such bad people? She is more like scum, vomitous,” another response explained.

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