Rafa Nada confesses that he would like to be president of Real Madrid: “Life takes many turns” | The USA Print

Rafa Nada confesses that he would like to be president of Real Madrid: "Life takes many turns" | The USA Print

The iconic Spanish tennis player, Rafa Nadal, who is publicly known as one of the most renowned partners that Real Madrid has, has confessed that He does not rule out the idea and that in fact he would like to become president of said club in the future.although he acknowledged that currently the position is in the best hands with Florentino Pérez.

“If I want to be president of Real Madrid? Don’t know. I promise it’s not a dream, but I think I would like it. But there are many things. Today we have the best president possible. Then, what you may think today may not be what you may think tomorrow. And after life takes many turns. Furthermore, one has to know if one is qualified to do what type of things,” said the former number 1 in the ATP ranking to the Movista Plus media.

Rafa Nada confesses that he would like to be president of Real Madrid: "Life takes many turns" | The USA Print
Rafa Nadal (I) received the Laureus Sport for Good Society Award from Florentino Pérez (M) on behalf of the Real Madrid Foundation in 2022.
Credit: Handout/Laureus | Getty Images

In that sense, he clarified that It is not an idea that came from him and that he was only answering questions from the press, At the same time, he acknowledged that he did not currently feel qualified to occupy that position.

“I am realistic with myself, I know my limitations and in that I don’t know if I would be capable or not, time will tell. Florentino has never asked me, I think you guys make movies. I don’t think I meet the requirements to apply, I am an honorary member but that’s it“, he pointed out.

Rafa Nadal wants Kylian Mbappé at the Santiago Bernabéu

On the other hand, the multiple ‘Grand Slam’ winning tennis player referred to the issue of Kylian Mbappé and indicated that he would like Madrid to sign him: “I am waiting for Mbappé with open arms, I have no problem with him, on the contrary. Happy he came. Of course I like it. Who does not like it?. I don’t hold a grudge against him for not having come yet. What obligation did I have to come?”

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Madrid is Madrid and is bigger than any player but Mbappé has no obligation to come when the fans want him to come. If he has to come, he will know first and then those who have to know will know. We’ll see what happens. And if it comes, no resentment, quite the opposite. Gratitude because he will surely come when he comes, if he comes, he will do so having given up a lot of money,” he emphasized.

Finally, he took the time to talk about the start of the campaign that those led by Carlo Ancelotti are experiencing and took the opportunity to praise some players: “So far they have won everything, they have started well. We are very early in the season. Madrid, to begin with, has had a serious problem and that is that very important pillars of the team have been injured. Still, for now, they are going well“.

“We’ll see what happens. Things start one way and can end another way, things that don’t look good end up very well. The magic of sport is that it is unpredictable. Madrid has made a spectacular signing with Bellingham, it has fallen into total favor. I think that one more forward would be good, I’m not delusional“, he stated.

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