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Quentin Tarantino doesn’t take well to being photographed. Or rather, his image is subject to endless contracting clauses, so he is not even the owner of his inns. His representatives have bread and water to the graphic press in this tour that he has undertaken through Europe in order to present his first non-fiction book, cinema meditations (Reservoir Books), a highly anticipated volume as the director of pulp fiction either kill bill he dives into his particular encyclopedic knowledge of the American cinema of the seventies that has influenced him so much. But above all it is an autobiographical essay on the New Hollywood.

People have paid 84 euros for, in short, seeing him promoting his new book. But it is much more than that

From filmmaker to film critic. This is the new stop in Tarantino’s career. And the one this Easter Sunday, as part of his tour, has been the Coliseum theater in Barcelona, ​​where people have paid 84 euros to, in short, see him promoting his new book. But it’s much more than that, it’s seeing him talking about himself, live, breaking that unbreakable distance at which the Hollywood star system maintains itself.

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When there were about ten or fifteen minutes to seven in the evening, the line to enter the theater went around the corner, so that when Tarantino arrived through the side access, on the Rambla de Catalunya, many of the fans have spread the word and in thousandths of a second a huddle of fans has formed, handing him copies of his books, posters of his movies, t-shirts with his face or even the sheath of a katana -almost kill bill– to sign them.

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No photos please, but I’m happy to sign autographs.”

“I don’t want photos, please, but I’m delighted to sign autographs,” he began by saying, while his team yelled for space. The public that has met with his idol was intergenerational, with an abundant presence of young people. The iconic filmmaker born in Knoxville in 1963, a storyteller who has redefined all genres and has won two Oscars and a Palme d’Or at Cannes, has spent a couple of minutes fulfilling the wishes of his followers. To disappear behind the metal door covered in graffiti.

Aspect of the room in Barcelona's Gran Via, one hour before the event began

Aspect of the room in Barcelona’s Gran Via, one hour before the event began

Javi Jurio

Inside, a live conversation with the cultural critic Jordi Costa awaited him. And he was even going to offer the public a reading of a fragment of his new book. And all this despite having had an intervention in the dentist’s chair that has prevented him from holding interviews with the media –but without photos!- that he had scheduled for this same Easter Sunday morning.

Tarantino has also been in the news recently for his decision to shoot his tenth “and final” film. Anticipating, perhaps, the curse of symphonism that led many of the greatest composers to die, leaving their 10th Symphony unfinished, the American artist announced his willingness to end his filming here to dedicate himself to writing. they will be left behind Reservoir Dogs (1992), pulp fiction (1994), Jackie Brown (1997), Kill Bill vol.1 and vol. 2 (2003-2004), Death Proof (2007), Damn bastards (2009), django unchained (2012), the hateful eight (2015) and once upon a time in hollywood (2019).

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