Queen Cleopatra: Did Jada Pinkett Smith blame “white supremacists” for the show’s failure?

Queen Cleopatra: Did Jada Pinkett Smith blame "white supremacists" for the show's failure?

Talk about Cleopatra It is to immerse yourself in a vast world of history and the ancient world, going through some doses of controversy over the debate regarding your physical appearance. This became the center of attention with Queen Cleopatra, a Netflix documentary series starring Adele James and produced by Jada Pinkett-Smith. Given the spectacular failure of the production among critics and users of the platform, the star of Matrix- Queen Cleopatra: Did Jada Pinkett Smith blame "white supremacists" for the show's failure?87% He would have denounced that “everything is the fault of white supremacists and their smear campaign against the series.”

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Cleopatra it played a crucial role in ancient history due to its impact on the politics, culture, and international relations of its time. His reign was marked by his strategic and diplomatic skill, since he knew how to maintain the independence of Egypt in the face of the expansionist ambitions of Rome. His romance with Julius Caesar and later with mark antony It not only influenced the political evolution of the time, but also represented the fusion of Egyptian and Roman culture. Cleopatra became an icon of feminine power and her legacy has endured through the centuries, being a symbol of intelligence and cunning. Her figure continues to fascinate later generations and her influence on the ancient Mediterranean world remains noticeable to this day.

Jada Pinkett-Smith and Netflix tried making their own documentary series on Cleopatra, resulting in a controversial product that sparked all kinds of comments, mostly negative. On platforms like Rotten Tomatoes it has a 15% rating from critics, and 3% among users in general. means like The People’s Voice and Watch TV reported that Jada had blamed white supremacists for the failure of queen cleopatra on Netflix, however, soon after Newsweek verified that the actress never made such statements, pointing out the news and articles on the subject as fake news.

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White supremacists are individuals or groups who promote a belief in white racial superiority, holding that whites are superior to and should exercise dominance over other races. These groups rely on discrimination, hate and violence to pursue their racist agenda and promote the exclusion of ethnic and racial minorities. White supremacists represent an extremist and dangerous ideology that has been associated with acts of terrorism and violence in different parts of the world, representing a serious threat to peaceful coexistence and equal rights.

Adele Jamesactress chosen to play Cleopatra In the Netflix series, she has received numerous criticisms due to her physical appearance, with many anonymous users assuring that she does not look like the real queen, several of them making openly racist comments; most of them are due to reasons of historical context. The true appearance of the skin of Cleopatra she is not clearly documented, as no contemporary descriptions or authentic images exist to tell us of her skin tone with certainty. She belonged to the Ptolemaic dynasty, of Macedonian-Greek origin, and her lineage was intermarried with members of the Egyptian royal family. Although some historical accounts mention that Cleopatra had a fair complexion, it is important to remember that ancient Egypt was a diverse society and that race and skin color were complex and different concepts than in contemporary times.

Beginnings of May, Variety rescued the words of the Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt, the body in charge of protecting the nation’s material heritage: “The statues of Queen Cleopatra confirm that she had Hellenistic (Greek) features, distinguished by fair skin, an elongated nose and thin lips .” A channel linked to the Egyptian government, declared that it will produce its own documentary series of Cleopatraentirely attached to historical records.

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