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After months of waiting, the MotoGP World Championship has returned with Qatar as the first event of the championship. The Italian driver Pecco Bagnaia has won the first race of this season in which he defends his title in the top category, while Jorge Martín, runner-up in 2023, who will try to take the championship from him, was third. The Spanish driver had a great day this Saturday, victorious in the sprint race. On the other hand, Marc Márquez has been fourth in his new career with Ducati.

| Lap 21 | LAST LAP !!! Bagnaia has it done, but be careful because Jorge Martín is getting closer to Brad Binder’s position and we may have a fight for second position.

| Lap 21 | Race incident: The race has entered the final lap with the winner decided.

| Lap 20 | Marc Márquez has tried, but the man from Ilerda will not be able to hunt down Jorge Martín who is already more than a second away.

| Lap 20 | From less to more Enea Bastianini. The Italian has just surpassed Alex Márquez and climbs to 5th position.

| Lap 19 | Fabio Di Giannantonio also surpasses Pedro Acosta who falls to 8th position. Much worse position than the Shark deserved in his first MotoGP race, surely paying for an excess of momentum when he saw himself with a chance of finishing on the podium.

| Lap 19 | THREE LAPS TO GO!!! Brad Binder has managed to reduce the disadvantage and is below second, although everything seems to indicate that Pecco Bagnaia is already managing the advantage and taking care of the tires for this final stretch of the race.

| Lap 18 | Raúl Fernández abandons the race. He has been the only driver who has been forced to end his participation early in a very clean test so far.

| Lap 17 | Abandonment: Raúl Fernández abandons the race due to a breakdown.

| Lap 18 | ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia is on his way to achieving a new podium. He has finished in the box in his last seven races, his best streak so far in MotoGP.

| Lap 17 | Pecco Bagnaia could get his first victory in the MotoGP Qatar Grand Prix. He had abandoned two of his four previous participations in this race, although he finished on the podium in the two he completed (3rd in 2021 and 2nd in 2023).

| Lap 17 | FIVE LAPS TO GO!!! Marc Márquez tries to improve his chances of being able to hunt down Jorge Martín, but he is not going to have it by any means easy because he is five tenths behind the Madrid driver.

| Lap 16 | Enea Bastianini also ends up surpassing Pedro Acosta. The Ducati rider has been quite blurred throughout the weekend and it is likely that the debate will be reopened as to whether he is the ideal boxing partner for Francesco Bagnaia.

| Lap 15 | PEDRO ACOSTA FALLS TO 6TH POSITION!!! He is clearly losing performance on his bike and Alex Márquez has already surpassed him.

| Lap 15 | It seems that the tires are falling off Pedro Acosta’s motorcycle. He has been tremendously aggressive so far and may start to have problems. He is now approached by Alex Márquez and the dream of finishing on the podium in his first MotoGP race is beginning to fade away.

| Lap 15 | Overtaking: Álex Márquez overtakes Pedro Acosta and reaches 5th place.

| Lap 14 | MARC MÁRQUEZ RECOVERS 4TH POSITION!!! He has taken advantage of a small mistake by Pedro Acosta to impose the order that existed until a few moments ago.

| Lap 14 | Marc Márquez tries to catch up with Pedro Acosta.

| Lap 14 | Overtaking: Marc Márquez overtakes Pedro Acosta and reaches 4th place.

| Lap 13 | It will be necessary to see if Pedro Acosta has enough pace to be able to aspire to the podium. He has options because Jorge Martín is only two tenths behind and there are still nine laps left in the race.

| Lap 13 | Small mistake now from Marc Márquez. He has gone long, but has not lost 5th position. He now has Alex Márquez behind him.

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