Puy du Fou will present its new season with a parade in Madrid | The USA Print

Puy du Fou will present its new season with a parade in Madrid



Puy du Fou will present its new season in Madrid with a procession made up of more than one hundred historical figures, in an act that will be attended by the mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez Almeida. The entourage will be February 27, and will leave at 11:30 a.m. from the Plaza de Colónand will run along Calle Serrano until it finally reaches the Archaeological Museum of Madrid.

In this meeting, Columbus, Isabella the Catholic, El Cid, Lope de Vega and other historical figures or literary heroes who will welcome the new members of the cast of the well-known show, whose headquarters are in Toledo.

Puy du Fou

The show will be part of the presentation of the new season of Puy du Fou, a Spanish theme park -belonging to a French group- with a historical theme. It opened in the summer of 2019 in Toledo, and is characterized by hosting numerous shows that review history through its protagonists, legendary heroes or characters from everyday life.

Among the daily performances are “the last song”, which follows the Cid Campeador; “Pen and Sword”, in the footsteps of the illustrious writer Lope De Vega; “Beyond the Ocean Sea”, about Christopher Columbus, or “The Wander of the Centuries”, which follows anonymous characters. It also has night shows, which include Toledo’s dreamwhich recreates more than 1,500 years of the history of what was the capital of the country.

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