Publisher suspends contract with Russell Brand after abuse allegations

Publisher suspends contract with Russell Brand after abuse allegations

A few days ago, various accusations of sexual abuse and rape were made known against Russell Brand, a comedian who found world fame after marrying singer Katy Perry in 2010. The British actor immediately responded to the news and assured that they were lies. against them, but now that the information is in the air many things will happen in the coming weeks, especially if the women in question decide to proceed legally. While that is happening, Brand’s alliance with a renowned publisher has just been suspended until further notice.

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Russell Brand has already spoken about his past of excesses

Brand became interested in acting after participating in a school play at age 15; However, his life at that time was too chaotic to focus on following his interests. The protagonist of Arthur – 26% revealed a long time ago that while their mother was receiving chemotherapy to treat her cancer, he lived with other relatives and began leading a life of excess at an early age. At 16 he had already left home and began experimenting with various drugs that led him down a dark path for much of his life.

Brand also explained that he suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a guardian, and that his father took him to brothels when he was a teenager, which definitely gave him a harmful perspective on relationships. Years later, and after losing a great opportunity to study acting due to his addictions, the comedian began to focus on his career as a live comedian, and eventually toured the most important circuits in the medium to gain a reputation that served him well for his career. move to film and television.

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Recovery by Russell Brand (Source: Amazon)
Recovery by Russell Brand (Source: Amazon)

Brand’s type of comedy is not to everyone’s taste, as it is usually quite rude and excessive. Some even criticized him for how he publicly treated Perry, as he seemed to insult her at every turn as if it were a game. Despite that, there are people who enjoy her style, which often begins with aggressive comments about her own life and her past addictions. Beyond this facet, the performer found another way to connect with the public thanks to her autobiographies.

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In 2007, Brand published his first biography called My Booky Wook, which had a sequel in 2011; and in 2015 she unveiled a children’s literature project called The Pied Piper of Hamelin. But the text that really put him on the map as an author to consider was Recovery: Freedom from our Addictions 2018. In this book, Brand revealed details about his past addictions and how he managed to overcome them with a lot of effort and years of treatment. Her biography was well received and many people have praised her for how she deals with such a sensitive topic.

The alliance between Russell Brand and his publisher is on pause

PanMacmillanunder the seal bluebird, published this biography and was already preparing a new edition of it, but now the plans are on hold due to the rape accusations against the comedian. In an official statement (via Variety), the company explained:

These are very serious allegations and in light of them, Bluebird has made the decision to suspend all future publications with Russell Brand.

The comedian has not given a response to this news, but he has maintained his innocence since the strong accusations were made known a few days ago.

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These allegations were jointly investigated by The Times London, Sunday Timesand Channel 4 with his documentary Dispatches. It was revealed that four women accused Brand of abuse and at least one rape. These types of scandalous and worrying incidents are not new in the comedian’s career, since in 2006 Danny Minogue accused him of sexually harassing her when he appeared on her show, and for several years he made some pretty heavy-handed jokes about abuse on his show for the show. BBC Radio 2 which some claim were not jokes at all, in addition to the fact that at this time everyone knew that Brand exposed himself to his colleagues and demanded massages and sex from co-workers.

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