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A court in Arganda del Rey (Madrid) has ordered this Friday the release of the actor Luis Lorenzo, arrested and made available by the Civil Guard as allegedly responsible, along with his partner, Arancha Palomo, for the death by poisoning of an aunt her. The judge has also released the detainee’s partner and has imposed on both the precautionary measure of appearing in court every week, in addition to provisionally withdrawing their passports. Both are investigated for the alleged murder of María Isabel Suárez Arias, 85, aunt of the actor’s partner, with the alleged purpose of inheriting her estate. Mrs. Ella passed away on June 28, 2021.

Before the judge instructing the case, Luis Lorenzo, 61, has accepted this Friday his right not to testify, while his partner has denied the facts. The Civil Guard arrested them last Wednesday afternoon at their home in Rivas Vaciamadrid. The actor is known for his roles in series like The Commissioner, Central Hospital Y The one that is coming

According to information provided by The confidentialA year ago, Arancha Palomo invited her aunt, a widow, who lived in Las Regueras, a small council in Asturias near the town of Grado, to her house —as on other occasions. But Isabel’s brother began to worry about her because when he called her on the phone, both Arancha and the actor made excuses for her and prevented her from talking to her. The fact that time passed without news of his sister, absent from Asturias since March 2021, decided him to file a complaint for “disappearance” in a barracks in Oviedo, sources from the Civil Guard confirm, without providing more details because the case is under summary secrecy.

Note of Isabel Suárez Arias.
Note of Isabel Suárez Arias.

The Homicide agents of the Madrid Civil Guard command appeared at the actor’s house to inquire about the woman. According to the version of the aforementioned digital newspaper, Lorenzo received them and recognized that Isabel was living with them and that she was fine. However, when the agents asked him to enter to check the woman’s condition, the actor replied that they could only enter his home with a court order.

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The woman died in June 2021 in the couple’s house, apparently a natural death. However, a subsequent autopsy demanded by the brother of the deceased gave rise to suspicions that she could have been poisoned, according to sources from the armed institute. In this second autopsy, according to the Government delegate, a “large content” of substances was found that caused his death by poisoning. The local press echoed this Friday of “the clashes” between several members of the family that occurred on the day of the funeral in the parish church of Santa Eulalia de Valduno de Las Regueras: “Those family messes that everyone was talking about ”.

The alleged perpetrators of the poisoning of the old woman are Lorenzo and his partner, presumably in order to inherit their assets, the same sources point out. María Isabel Suárez Arias had land and a nice house in the council, although according to the mayor of Grado, she had also lived in this town, in the Plaza del Comercio, and the rest of her relatives in other cities and towns of Asturias .

The investigation remains open, and the agents searched the house of the detainees on Thursday in search of possible evidence to support their accusation. Unofficial sources – and various media – made reference to a possible change in the old woman’s will that would have occurred just weeks before her death in favor of her niece. Just as they pointed out that she could have been poisoned with heavy materials, such as cadmium and manganese, without this particular being confirmed by sources from the armed institute.


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