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OGBX OpenGames Con

What was going to be the hackathon of the Open Games Withthe largest in-person event in southern Europe on blockchain technologies, has acquired its own personality and will be held independently online, so that programmers and blockchain technology enthusiasts can participate from anywhere on the planet.

From July 21 to 23, 2023, the Decentralized Hackathon will be held online, an event that challenges programmers and blockchain technology enthusiasts to create tools, documentation and articles that help disseminate and improve the use of these technologies.

OGBX OpenGames Con

Participants will be able to choose between three categories:

✓ The programming challenges

They seek to develop tools that help other programmers work with blockchain technologies, such as command line interfaces, frameworks or packages.

Participants will be able to use any programming language or platform that supports blockchainas Solidity, Ethereum, Hyperledger either Rope.

Some examples of challenges are:

  • Create a CLI that generates smart contracts based on templates.
  • Create a framework that facilitates the development of decentralized applications.
  • Create a login system with NFTs.
  • Create a package that allows integrate token payments into a web or mobile app.

✓ The documentation challenges

They seek to create resources that explain in depth how to use or learn a programming language or blockchain technology.

Participants will be able write collaborative books, articles or recipesusing a clear and didactic format.

Some examples of challenges are:

  • Type A collaborative book that teaches the fundamentals of Soliditythe most widespread programming language for smart contracts.
  • Write an article that shows how use Hyperledger Fabric to create a private blockchain network.
  • Write a recipe that explains how implement a hash function in Python.

✓ The dissemination challenges

They seek to bring blockchain technology to anyone, regardless of their technical knowledge.

Participants will be able write articles that demystify, inform or inspire about the potential and benefits of blockchain technologies.

Some examples of challenges are:

  • Write an article that explains What is blockchain and how it works in a simple and enjoyable way.
  • Write an article that analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the different existing cryptocurrencies.
  • Write articles that present real blockchain use cases.
  • Write articles that show the possibilities of how blockchain can improve a need.

The Decentralized Hackathon will be supported by expert mentors in the field of blockchain, who will be available to provide guidance and support to participants as they progress through the challenges.

Multidisciplinary mentors who not only improve the code, but also provide a global vision of blockchain.
“In the blockchain world there is less documentation than other technologies such as web or mobile applications” says Fernando Vicente, professor at the Francisco Marroquín University and one of the hackathon mentors, “It is logical since it is newer, but there is an unresolved demand. Many people who want to learn how to develop decentralized applications do not know where to start”.

Furthermore, he shows his concern for the “many myths around blockchain. Above all, identify blockchain with Bitcoin and consider all cryptocurrencies equal”Therefore, his participation this year in the summer university of the Juan de Mariana Institute will be “demystifying Bitcoin”. “It is as if we considered gold and silver the same as the Argentine peso or the Venezuelan bolivar”.

And justifies the need for disclosure: “We tend to think that the fault of inflation and the use of fiat money lies with the central banks or the states, but the fault is ours for not disclosing correctly: to work with healthy money there must previously be a social demand for healthy money “.

Participants will have the opportunity to win prizes that will help improve their portfolio and technical knowledge, thanks to the collaboration of sponsors such as Hispanic Sites, Learn SQL, Learn Python either 4Geeks.

This hackathon offers a virtual platform that allows programmers to access resources, share ideas and doubts, and collaborate in real time with other participants in Spanish and/or English. In addition, it allows you to show knowledge and skills to companies looking for technological talent. One of the sectors with the highest demand for professionals currently. And, therefore, one of the sectors with the best salaries.

And with a focus on continuity, since, if the community is consolidated, more events like this hackathon will be held.

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