Princess Diana and Charles: The royal family’s most notable divorces and separations


“In sickness and in health” and “until death do us part” are two phrases that, in the past, were used with force and conviction to strengthen a loving bond between two people after getting married. Nowadays, that nightmare called divorce is more common than is believed, and it has reached the British royalty.

In November 1947, Elizabeth married Lieutenant Felipe Mountbatten, who a few days before their wedding, King George VI – Felipe’s father-in-law – granted him the noble title of Duke of Edinburgh, convinced that this union would be indissoluble. So it was. Until her death in April 2021, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip of Edinburgh were married.

However, during 74 years of what is considered “the Crown’s preferred marriage”, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip witnessed serious love breaks in their family circle. In Independent in Spanishwe share a count of the most notable separations:

Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones

One of the first breakups of the British Crown was that of Princess Margaret of England who, at the age of 22, fell in love with a divorced captain named Peter Townsend, but her parents objected and the couple had to separate.

When Elizabeth ascended the throne, she tried to marry her younger sister to one of the nation’s princes but was unsuccessful. Princess Margaret fell in love with the photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones, a love that tried to be boycotted but the marriage bond was consummated on May 6, 1960.

The love was short-lived despite the fact that Queen Elizabeth II granted them the titles of nobility, because in 1978, Princess Margaret and Antony separated. He was seen in those years in the company of attractive women; while she had an affair with a gardener who was 17 years younger.

Princess Anne and Mark Phillips

The divorce of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips was one of the most painful breakups of the British Crown, because after 16 years of marriage, it ended due to a crisis involving a third party.

According to the stories of the nobility, in the early 1970s, the news circulated about the strengthening of the relationship between Princess Anne and then-Captain Mark Phillips, who lived fully in love. The queen mother supported the union and they married in 1973, although the relationship between Mark and his mother-in-law did not start well, since the fiancé did not want to accept a title of nobility before the great event.

Mark did not like the royal family, however, he had two children with Princess Anne: Peter and Zara Phillips. It was not until 1989, when the news spread that the royal lady was writing love letters to another captain named Timothy Laurence, which led to the couple’s divorce in 1992. The following year, in 1993, Princess Anne and Laurence They got married and are still together to this day.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles

In 1992, the separation of Prince Charles – who was the heir to the British Crown – and Diana of Wales was announced. In that same year, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson also vociferated their divorce. The separations were effective until 1996, only a few months apart.

The failure of the marriage between Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson – converted into the Duchess of York – did not surprise locals or strangers. The British Crown and the world press cataloged her as an “ordinary woman” who did not follow the protocols of royalty; some of her called her “vulgar”. Years later, the media would reinforce the theory of an alleged romance between Ferguson and a wealthy American named Steve Wyatt.

As for Prince Charles and Diana of Wales, one of the most emphatic versions suggests that when Queen Elizabeth II’s son married ‘Lady Di’ in 1981, he was not really in love with her, but with his lover Camilla Parker -Bowls. This would have caused friction in a relationship plagued by lies, infidelities and a tragic outcome.

It was not until 1996 that Diana, Princess of Wales, announced her divorce agreement and began an independent life from the British Crown, which many considered irritated Queen Elizabeth II. In an interview with the network BBC, ‘Lady Di’ spoke of extramarital affairs, assuring that “there were three of us in that marriage”. She also revealed that she suffered from depression, rampant bulimia, and self-mutilation, caused by the breakup.

Diana of Wales and Prince Charles had two children, Guillermo and Enrique; and the honorable ‘Lady Di’ died in a controversial car accident in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris, France. Her then-partner Dodi Al-Fayed and the driver of the unit, Henri Paul, were traveling in the car.


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