Premier League suspends referee for elbowing Liverpool player in the jaw | The USA Print

Constantine Hatzidakis nudged Andy Robertson.

Constantine Hatzidakis nudged Andy Robertson.

Photo: PAUL ELLIS/Getty Images

The Premier League College of Referees decided on Monday to suspend referee Constantine Hatzidakis, for elbowing Liverpool defender Andy Robertson during the match against Arsenal.

the whistling will not be able to participate in matches while the investigation continues against him by the College of Referees and the league.

It is expected that in the coming days these entities will determine if there will be a stronger sanction against Hatzidakis.

This It is a fact that is unprecedented in the Premier Leagueand that is why the league is analyzing the situation very well.

Liverpool has expressed solidarity with Robertson for what happenedand even the coach, Jurgen Klopp spoke about it.

“The images speak for themselves”, said the strategist after the match against Arsenal that ended tied at two goals.

The event occurred just after the end of the first half, when Robertson approached the linesman to demand a decision.

It was then that the referee hit him with his elbowand the images were recorded by the broadcast of the event.

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