Ponce, focused on his daughters and his luxury house with Ana Soria: “He wants to make up for lost time”


Since the right-hander’s life changed in 2020 due to his separation from Paloma Cuevas and his courtship with Ana Soria (25), Enrique Ponce (52) has spent much less time than before with his two daughters, Popcorn and Bianca. The bullfighter reappeared last Thursday at an event accompanied by his eldest daughter.

His reappearance was also marked by new crisis rumors that have emerged in recent days and that have once again put his relationship with Ana in the spotlight. “I’m fine,” the man from Chiva limited himself to saying to the press.

It must be remembered that the rumors arose after some photos of the bullfighter disappeared from the young woman’s Instagram profile. Ana Soria herself denied the alleged crisis: “I have archived many photos because they were edited differently and I have him in highlights. Honestly, I don’t care what they say. “It gave me OCD to have them edited the same way,” she said last week in This is life.

And he insisted: “Really, everything is fine. Supporting him to the death”. This Friday, in addition, history took a 180 degree turn, since not only was a crisis ruled out but they are better than ever: “A luxury house is being built and wedding bells are ringing”, assured Almudena del Pozo. The two live their love story in Almería, where the bullfighter has found his new home in the world.

It has been three summers since they began shouting their love from the rooftops. Their relationship was uncovered in July 2020, immediately after the separation of Ponce and Cuevas came to light after almost a quarter of a century of marriage. These years have been marked by their comings and goings on social networks, where they became cloying with their constant displays of affection. One of the peaks of their relationship came in May of last year, when they went to The Anthill to show off their love and respond to criticism about their age difference.

At the same time, the matador’s other priority is his two daughters. “What he wants is to make up for lost time with his two daughters, both Paloma and Bianca,” they explain in The digital closure. Last Thursday, as we said, he went with Paloma (already a teenager) to a bullfighting event, to a gathering of the El Toro Association of Madrid.

Furthermore, throughout this year he will complete his retirement from the arena, which is why he is also very dedicated to his physical preparation: “What he wants is to say goodbye through the front door since with the pandemic he was not able to do so. What he “The goal is that they do not whistle or whistle at him when he retreats. He wants to demonstrate his bullfighting.” Everything indicates that his farewell will take place in autumn, at fairs such as Madrid, San Miguel in Seville or San Lucas in Jaén.

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