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The National Police has released in Cuéllar (Segovia, 9,500 inhabitants) a man who had been detained and exploited for three years in a local warehouse. The captor has been arrested for forcing him to work, keeping him in subhuman conditions and for demanding the money he earned from his work. The agents reached the victim after the complaint from his sister, who lives in Romania, who warned that his family member suffered attacks in Spain and was being held. The investigations led to Cuéllar, where the man was located with various injuries. The victim assured that he had not eaten on the farm for three days, squatted and in the process of eviction, as reported by the Police.

The now arrested kept the worker housed in a substandard house and exploited him in various tasks, including agriculture. The National Police has indicated in a statement that the man lived poorly in a single room two meters high by three meters long, he had not eaten food for several days and was constantly beaten by the person who kept him in these semi-slavery conditions.

The victim’s account details that he was captured in his native Romania three years ago and thus ended up in the province of Segovia, where from the beginning his captor exploited him at work and kept him threatened and subjected to frequent attacks on that farm, squatted and in the process of eviction.

The Sub-delegation of the Government of Castilla y León in Segovia has reported that the notice from this man’s sister allowed the investigation to begin on February 27, and that she warned of what could be happening to her relative. “Given the special urgency of the case and the possible seriousness of the injuries to the detained person, which could put his physical integrity at risk, he was released and the perpetrator was arrested,” the sub-delegation reported, which has added that the victim has been transferred to the emergency area of ​​the Segovia Hospital to be treated for various ailments and health problems derived from his activity and the poor conditions of food and housing.

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The National Police attributes to the arrested one crime of illegal detention, another of injuries and another of trafficking in human beings for the purpose of labor exploitation. Cuéllar Investigating Court 1 has assumed the case and has received these proceedings. The police intervention has been coordinated by the Provincial Immigration and Borders Brigade of the Segovia police station and the Spanish Embassy in Romania, as well as the central unit of the General Immigration and Borders Police Station of the National Police.

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