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Sospechoso solicitado por NYPD.

Brett Boller, 22-year-old rookie police officer, son of an NYPD sub-inspector, was shot while responding to a fight over a seat on an MTA bus in Queens (NYC).

The discussion started on a bus caused a foot chase by police down a street in the Jamaica neighborhood and ended with the rookie officer being shot in the leg Wednesday afternoon.

The case began around 3:20 p.m. when the gunman and another passenger began fighting over a seat on an MTA bus heading east on Jamaica Ave., according to NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig.

When the discussion escalated, the bus driver stopped and flagged down two officers from the 103rd Precinct Field Training Unit. Young Officer Boller, 22, got on the bus to find out what was going on and the suspect broke through and fled down 161st Street with two officers in pursuit.

About halfway down the block, in front of the Salvation Army Community Center, the wounded officer caught up with the suspect and the two began to struggle again, Essig said. At that moment the gunman shot the policeman in the leg.

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As the officer fell bleeding to the pavement, his partner fired two shots at the fleeing gunman, according to Essig. It is unknown if the attacker was injured.narrowed Daily Newsyes.

The officers approached the injured man, opening his pants to apply direct pressure to the wound. The victim is the son of NYPD Deputy Inspector Donald Boller.

He Mayor Eric Adams, who retired from the NYPD after more than 20 years with the rank of captain, said he spoke with the mother of the injured officer. “His son was on our street to protect the children of our city and their families, and I can’t thank them enough,” he said.

Boller is the second police officer to be shot this year in NYC. Officer Paul Lee was shot by a teenager around 3 am on January 17 near E. 183rd St. and Prospect Ave. in Belmont, The Bronx.

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