Police kill suspect in murders of mother and 3 children | The USA Print

Police kill suspect in murders of mother and 3 children

Joseph Stenson, 38, a suspect in the murder of a mother and his three children in an apartment in Lake Wales, a city in central Florida (USA), was fatally shot this Wednesday in an exchange of shots with the Police.

Authorities said Stenson was killed in a shootout with police after taking refuge in a hotel in Sanford, a central Florida town where he fled after the slayings he was suspected of.

Agents of the Department of Police de Sanford and the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office attempted to apprehend Stenson, but after hours of unsuccessful negotiation it was necessary to call in a special forces team who fatally shot him.

Stenson, who reportedly said during the negotiation that he would commit suicide or force the police to kill him, opened fire and was killed in the exchange of shots.

The head of police of Lake Wales, Chris Velásquez, had reported that it was known exactly where Stenson was hiding and work was being done “to detain him in the safest way possible.”

Police authorities believe that Stenson may have been responsible for the death of the family, an event that occurred late Tuesday night.

The information previously provided by the Police It specified that Stenson was wanted for his involvement in the case, since it is believed that he lived in the apartment and that he could have been injured.

The Police initially reported that his relationship with the four fatalities was unknown and he was not directly identified as a suspect in the crime.

The new information indicates that the mother he was 40 years old and his children 21, 17 and 11 years old.

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Lake Wales is a city of about 17,000 people in central Florida, about 88 kilometers east of Tampa.

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