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Sony is working on a new model of PlayStation 5, according to one of the insiders best known in the video game industry. Tom Henderson maintains that the so-called “PS5 Pro” is already in development and could go on sale at the end of 2024.

The person responsible for Insider Gaming He cites multiple sources when talking about this eventual improved version of PS5, but more interesting is his statement that it might not be the only new model that Sony ends up marketing of its popular console. In fact, he claims that before the aforementioned “PS5 Pro” we could see a lighter PS5.


PS5 already has two models for sale, one with a disc reader and the other only digital


Although all this information is rumors not confirmed by Sony, it is not unreasonable to think that the Japanese company could end up repeating what it did years ago with its previous consoles. Let’s remember that PS3 had a lighter version (PS3 Slim), while PS4 had a more powerful model (PS4 Pro).

Regarding the so-called “PS5 Pro”, Henderson maintains that beyond the expected increase in image quality and performance, the new model could implement a system to “accelerate” ray tracing technology in video games. To support this idea, he cites a recently published patent by the console’s architect, engineer Mark Cerny.

What is ray tracing?

Ray tracing (ray tracing in English) is one of the most popular technologies in the field of videogames for a few years. It is an algorithm with which it is possible to replicate natural light and reflections realistically within the virtual environment of a video game. This technology simulates the direction, the intensity of the light and how it interacts with the elements of the environment. Its implementation substantially improves graphic realism, but requires very powerful machines.

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A PS5 with a removable drive

In parallel, Henderson, who has previously successfully leaked various news about Sony, claims to have been informed about another PS5 model that will be released later this year and that will have a removable disk drive. Apparently, this lighter model “will allow Sony to cut production and distribution costs” and, according to one of his sources, it will be “just the beginning of the new hardware that will reach PlayStation users this generation.”

This information about the possible new models of the console comes at an important moment for the Japanese company. Earlier this year, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan announced the end of the PS5 shortage, something that has been being communicated for weeks as if it were practically a relaunch.

Sony does not expect PS6 to be released before 2028

On the other hand, through a document that Sony sent last November to the UK Competition and Market Authority (CMA) it was possible to deduce that PS6 will not go on sale before 2028, with which there is a margin of enough for Sony to end up re-introducing a model with better specifications of its console.

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