Pierre Palmade case: what is the state of the comedian after his stroke? | The USA Print

Pierre Palmade, under house arrest with an electronic bracelet following the tragic accident he caused under the influence of cocaine, had a stroke on Saturday February 25. Her vital prognosis is not engagedbut he was transferred to Kremin-Bicêtre hospital. The stroke has not been without consequence on the state of health of the fallen comedian. According to various media, such as the JDD, Pierre Palmade’s stroke took place “shortly before 7 p.m. Saturday” and “it would be conscious but very weakened “. Following his hospitalization for cocaine addiction, will the actor’s state of health have consequences on its possible or not detention? The Court of Appeal is due to render its decision tomorrow, Monday 27 February. Remember that the accident it caused caused several serious injuries, including a pregnant woman who lost her baby as a result of the shock.

Pierre Palmade is also involved in a new investigation, that of possession of child pornography. This investigation follows reports and two relatives of the actor were placed in police custody (source 1).

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