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Perfumerías Avenida feels especially comfortable in the Copa de la Reina. Nobody has won more titles than the Salamanca team, which has celebrated ten times. And in the last twelve editions only one final has been lost. It is his territory, and in Huelva, in a Carolina Marín Sports Palace packed with fans, far from the great centers of Spanish basketball, he does not plan to give an inch. In the quarterfinals they did not forgive a combative Lointek Gernika, a team that this season has defeated the charras, but was always in tow.

The current runners-up – they lost in the 2023 final against Casademont Zaragoza – have arrived in Huelva to continue adding to their record. And although there were stretches of the tie in which Gernika got closer on the scoreboard, the feeling that floated over the pitch throughout the match was that Perfumerías had the tie in hand. The team is full of confidence at this point in the season after its eight consecutive wins in the League, with the great tone that the team has acquired since the arrival of Nacho Martínez to the Salamanca bench.

Arica Carter and Alexis Prince teamed up to knock down their first rival. Between the two of them they added 45 of their team’s 66 points. The guard added 23 points, three rebounds and four assists, and her teammate added 22 points, eight rebounds and two assists. Enough numbers to elevate Perfumerías Avenida until the next round. Although Gernika had a virtue, at no time did they think it was impossible. The feeling was yes, but Lucas Fernández’s players remembered that victory in the League on their court and with good defense and control of the rebound they managed to show their heads again and again.

Nacho Martínez’s team, which did not stop insisting on time-outs that focused on rebounding, was unable to cut the rope that united them on the scoreboard, although at no time did they feel suffocated. Not even in the final minutes, when the Basques were closing the gap until they were only six points away (60-54) with just over two minutes remaining. At that moment, the deadly duo re-emerged. A Carter steal and two Prince free throws restored order. In the next play, Silvia Domínguez, the queen of the Cup with five titles and more than 30 games in this competition, took a foul from Gernika in attack and finished suturing the wound that the candidate had opened. The team has recently recovered her base and she is the one who best knows the path to the final, the place where Perfumerías Avenida almost never fails.

Data sheet

Avenida Perfumeries: Silvia Domínguez, Leo Rodríguez (3), Carter (23), Prince (22) and Laura Gil (3) -starting quintet-, Olcay Çakir (4), Koné (6), Delaere, Vilaró (3), Lucía Rodríguez (2) and Hatar.

Lointek Gernika: Ariztimuño (4), Roso Buch (4), Courtney (14), Milapie (8) and Gomes da Silva (10) -starting five- Crisencia (7), Alberdi, Laia Flores (4), Zoe Hernández and Madera ( 5).

Partials: 18-10, 15-15, 18-14 and 15-17.

Referees: Enrique López Herrada, Héctor Báez and Ariadna Chueca.

Carolina Marín Sports Palace. 5,500 spectators.

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