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The Empordà from a bird's eye view, inside the Ideal of Barcelona

One hundred years have passed since the Barcelona industrialist Miquel Mateu acquired the Castell de Peralada from the Rocabertí family, counts of Peralada and Mallorca, and immediately disembarked with his art collections for which he was looking for a place to house them – paintings, capitals, ceramics, glass…– and with the desire to activate the wine-producing part of the family group and revitalize that tradition in the area.

And it is with this event in hand that the Peralada Group has designed an immersive exhibition that allows you to appreciate all of this and virtually enter the iconic 14th-century Castell de Peralada, stroll through its 14th-century Gothic cloister of the Convent del Carme, and its library with 100,000 volumes, including various incunabula (more than a thousand editions of Don Quixote), in addition to flying over its vineyards, “the most spectacular in the Empordà”, the incredible landscape of Garbet and the gardens where the festival takes place every summer.

The Empordà from a bird’s eye view, inside the Ideal of Barcelona

Mario Würzburger

And all this from Barcelona, ​​specifically from the Ideal, Center d’Arts Digitals, in Poble Nou, where until this Sunday it takes place Peralada 100 – The senses of historywhich includes an immersive wine tasting and exhibits artistic jewels from Peralada.

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The exhibition part includes precisely some of these pieces of art that have been transferred from the castle’s library and museum, such as the capital and a head of Saint Peter sculpted in the 12th century by Mestre de Cabestany; 15th century religious paintings by Hans Memling and Petrus Christus II, two incunabula books: Cosmography of Ptolemy, printed in 1482, and nuremberg chronicle printed in 1493.

The capital of Mestre de Cabestany, from the

The capital of Mestre de Cabestany from the 12th century

Mario Würzburger

There are also pieces from the 15th century glass collection, ceramics with pieces that go from the Egypt of the pharaohs to the 19th century, and opera costumes that have been held at the festival. Even curiosities, like a piece from a Hispano Suiza, the brand founded by Damià Mateu.

We celebrate it with a virtual trip to Peralada, sharing all its artistic legacy, its landscapes and its festival”

Javier SuquéPresident of the Peralada Group

In another room, virtual reality glasses will help the visitor to wander around the interior of the new winery, inaugurated last year, whose innovative architecture integrated into the landscape has been highlighted.

“We celebrate one hundred years with a virtual trip to Peralada, opening its doors and sharing all its artistic legacy, its landscapes and its music festival. But we do it with our eyes set on the future and with the ambition of consolidating ourselves as a truly unique leisure and culture destination in Europe and of continuing to strengthen the Empordà brand”, said Javier Suqué, president and co-owner with his brothers of Grup Peralada.

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Javier, Isabel and Miguel Suqué and Mateu, in the exhibition 'Peralada 100 - The senses of history'

Javier, Isabel and Miguel Suqué and Mateu, in the exhibition ‘Peralada 100 – The senses of history’

Mario Würzburger

In some passes of this exhibition of digital art at the service of leisure and culture, a tasting of the festival will be included, with live performances by the orchestra director Marc Timón, or the dancer Botis Seva, Carmen Mateu 2023 prize.

We have proposed to transfer a piece of the Empordà to Barcelona and the festival could not be missing”

Isabel SuquéPresident of the Castell de Peralada Foundation

“We have proposed to transfer a piece of the Empordà to Barcelona and the festival could not be missing. Thus, this Saturday and Sunday we present the show at the Ideal I gave him Created for the occasion and with the Peralada seal, that is, experimentation, innovation and dialogue between disciplines. A musical and scenic gift that shows how the soul of this festival has been and will continue to be”, concluded Isabel Suqué, president of the foundation.

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The delegates pose in front of the castle of Peralada, with the president of the festival, Isabel Suqué, and its artistic director, Oriol Aguilà, on the left

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